How To Clean, Store and Use Makeup Brushes The Right Way

By . - Tuesday, August 07, 2018

A large part of how perfect your makeup looks is the application. In fact, next to choosing the right colors for your skin tone, I would say application is number one when creating a flawless, beautiful face. While you can use sponges and your fingertips to apply concealer, foundation and eyeshadows, sometimes nothing compares to a nice set of brushes. Using brushes to apply your makeup means more control over color disbursement and a smooth picture-perfect finish.

With so many different brush types and materials, it can be hard to know just how to use, store and clean your makeup brushes. That’s why I’m sharing these beauty tooltips with you below! With this guide, you’ll properly apply your makeup and keep your brushes in tip-top shape for years to come.
Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brush Types

Each brush has a specific purpose, whether you blot foundation on or apply a thin, precise line of black eyeliner, the length and thickness of brushes differ and is important to know so you get proper, long-lasting coverage. Here are the most vital brushes for your collection.

Flat Brush – This brush, typically synthetic, is used to apply foundation. It’s perfect for blending together product, covering your pores and leaving you with a streak-free, even complexion – the perfect base for any makeup look you hope to create.

Powder Brush – This fluffy, rounded brush is your go-to brush for applying all face powders – bronzers, blushes, and highlighters. Setting your foundation is also important and with this brush, you’ll be able to evenly distribute powder to set your base. I can’t deny that this brush may become your new best friend!

Angled Brush – This fluffy angled brush is used to apply powder to your face as well, but its long bristles are great for creating dimension without irritating skin or disturbing foundation. Dust on blush or bronzer to help contour your face for a more defined (and rosy) finish.

Short Firm Brush – Ideal for applying eyeshadow, this brush can be used in the corner of the eye and along the lid. These brushes tend to have soft bristles, meaning they work best with powder eyeshadows. Similar to the angled face brush, this gem contours the eye and adds depth. If there is one eyeshadow brush you should own, this is the one.

Angled Eyeliner Brush – With all of the types of eyeliner on the market, you may not be a cream or gel liner girl; but if you are, the right brush can work wonders. This brush’s short, firm bristles provide control when trying to create a breathtaking cat eye and bonds together for fluid lash line application. Find out more about this brush type in my eyeliner brush post.

Lip Brush – With a precision flat tip and firm bristles, this brush works with any lip formula and gives your pout the finish it deserves–no bleeding, even coverage, and rich color. You can start by lining your lips, then work from the center of your lip to the edges, filling in your lipstick in with this brush. If you have problems connecting your color in the corner of your lips, use the blunt tip of this brush to blend product. Hello, gorgeous lips!

How to Clean Your Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important. Every time your brushes touch your face you risk spreading germs and bacteria, which can lead to blemishes and other skin issues. Cleaning your brushes will help prevent the spread of germs and keep them in pristine condition so you don’t have to buy new ones prematurely. Think of cleaning your beauty tools similar to how you do your hair–clean regularly and then deep clean once a week.

Daily Cleanser - You can pick up a daily cleanser that you spritz onto your brushes after you’ve used them. This will kill off any bacteria and only takes a second after you’ve finished applying your makeup.

Deep Cleaning - While a daily cleanse will help keep your brushes in great, ready-to-use shape, you need to set aside time to deep clean each brush. Luckily, deep cleaning is just as easy and spritzing on your daily cleanser–try this DIY makeup brush cleaner I swear by.

How to Store Your Brushes

Storing your makeup brushes can be just as functional as it can be fun. You can beautify your vanity by displaying your best brushes and you can preserve their shape by storing each brush correctly. If you buy a set of brushes they may come in a wrapped leather holder that will keep each from touching one another and is easy for travel. If your brushes stay at home, place them in a glass mason jar or decorative vase filled with coffee beans or beads to hold your brushes in an upright position. Then place each brush bristles facing up as not to bend or disturb their shape.

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