Keep Your Lipstick From Feathering Like A Pro!

By . - Thursday, August 09, 2018

Smudged lipstick happens to the best of us – after all, we’ve all experienced the dismay of looking in the mirror at the end of the night only to see our carefully-applied lipstick smeared in an unflattering ring around our mouths. Feathered lipstick might work as a runway trend, but in real life, most women would prefer that their lipstick stays within the lines. If you’d like to avoid the “I just had a cherry popsicle” look this season, just follow these steps…

The Feather-Proof Lipstick Trick


  • Lipstick
  • Lipliner
  • Foundation
  • Lip balm


  1. Lip balm: Apply your favorite lip balm
  2. Foundation: Here’s the extra step that will make all the difference – lightly pat a small amount of foundation across your lips to help even out any lines and create a smooth surface for your lip color to stick to. 
  3. Lip liner: Using a wax-based lip liner, carefully trace your lip line
  4. Lipstick: Apply your lipstick (use a lip brush for extra precision)
And there you have it – you’ll never have to worry about keeping your lipstick in place again!

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