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By . - Monday, August 06, 2018

Burn calories and get a full-body blast with this stair circuit scorcher workout. Cardio, squats, plyometric jumps, and upper body strength training combined in one killer stair workout.

A full body cardio and strength training workout for stairs. Blast calories quickly with this stair workout
Just call me Rocky, taking stairs by storm and showing them who’s boss. I don’t often look for a set of stairs to bust out a workout, but once I started seeking them out during my random weekly runs, it took my workout to a whole new level. Hello, crazy cardio and strength circuit!

I love how this stair circuit scorcher workout has it all – cardio, booty (squats), plyometrics, plus bicep, tricep and core work. I combine these stair exercises with a 20-minute run and BOOM, the workouts dreams are made of.

Stair Circuit Scorcher Workout

Lateral Squat Jumps

Stair Circuit Scorcher - lateral squat jumps
Start with your feet together and knees bent into a squat position (hands can be clamped in front of your chest, on your hips, or at your sides). Step out with your right foot, still low in the squat position, then step your left foot inwards to meet your right. Next, jump up, skipping a stair and landing with your knees bent, in the original squat position. Repeat this movement, this time stepping out with your left foot, meeting with your right. Do this until you reach the top of the staircase, running down to the bottom when complete, and repeating six times.

Tricep Dips

Stair Circuit Scorcher - tricep dips
Take a seat on a stair and place your hands on the edge of the stair directly below your shoulders, feet planted a few stairs below. Lift your hips up to hover above the stair, and straighten your arms. Next, keeping your hips lifted, bend your elbows behind your body to execute a tricep dip. Do 20 consecutive tricep dips.


Stair Circuit Scorcher - pushups
Start with your palms directly under your shoulders, placed on the edge of a stair. Your body should be in a plank position with your toes planted a few stairs below. Execute a pushup, bending your elbows bringing your chest almost touching the edge of the stair where your palms are placed. Do 20 pushups, taking a break at the 10 rep mark if needed.

Double Stair Run

Stair Circuit Scorcher - double stair runs
Run up the entire set of stairs, skipping one stair as you run up to the top. Run down the stairs and repeat six times.

Tricep Dips with Leg Raise

Stair Circuit Scorcher - tricep dips leg raises
Execute the tricep dips exactly as you did before, this time raising your right leg directly in front of your hip for 10 dips, followed by a left leg raise for 10 additional dips.

Balance Plank

Stair Circuit Scorcher - balance planks
Position your body in a plank position on the stairs (like you did during the pushups), then lift your right arm directly in front of your shoulder, and left leg hovered above the stairs. Hold this for 15 seconds, then switch arms and legs, holding another 15 seconds.

Lateral Squats

Stair Circuit Scorcher - lateral squats
Start with the left side of your body facing the stairs and place your left foot two stairs above your right as you execute a squat. Next, straighten your knees and bring your right foot up to meet you left. Repeat this lateral squat all the way up to the top. Run down the stairs and repeat with the right side of your body facing the stairs. Alternate sides for a total of six lateral squat climbs (three times each side).


Stair Circuit Scorcher - pushups

Execute an additional 20 pushups like to did near the beginning of this circuit.

This stair circuit scorcher workout typically takes 15-25 minutes, depending on the speed of execution and the number of breaks you take. Need to build up to the reputations? Try the stair circuits four times instead of six. Need more of a challenge? Try busting out eight to ten reps. Totally customizable and totally killer!

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