30 Day Challenge: Mixed Chicks Leave In

By . - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

By Nandi Zulu via Hair of Heritage

The next product I tried for the 30 Dag Challenge was the Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. I tried Mixed Chicks shampoo and conditioner years ago (before the blog), my sister loved their products so I hoped that they would work for me too. Unfortunately I knew right away they were not for me, my scalp started to itch a few hours after I washed my hair. Since then I haven't tried their products, but since I had the sample I thought I should try it.

Well a few hours after I applied the leave in and dried my hair my scalp started itching. Now, I've been fairly itch free since my Marley Twists. Now I used a cleanser on my scalp that I don't usually use, but I'm not sure if it was the cleanser or the leave in,I mean the leave in was put on my hair strands, not on my scalp. I don't know...

The leave in had great slip, and a little went a long way, I only used half of the sample for my application, which was great since I had some to refresh with the coming days. I can't say I'm overly impressed with the results, neither am I disappointed, it's a good enough product. This product is fairly easy to come across in Scandinavia, so if you don't have a leave in in you routine give this a try, it may work for you. I won't buy it though.

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