The L.C.O. Method - Moisturizing Hair Differently

By . - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A while ago, I was preaching to the masses about moisturizing using The L.O.C. Method , and I truly believe that it's helped so many women, including myself, get there moisture situation in check. Well, not all of you were soled. My inbox flooded with women saying that The L.O.C. Method wasn't working for them, and that there had to be a better alternative.

Everyones hair is different, and therefore all the sea methods won't work on everyones hair. So today i want to chat about a little variation to The L.O.C.'s The L.C.O. Method!

What is the L.C.O. Method?
– Liquid
C – Creme
O – Oil

You basically apply a liquid to the hair first, preferably water, and coat the hair with a water based moisturizer of your choice. The final step is to seal the water and creme into the hair with a natural oil of your choice. Your hair should remain soft and moisturized for longer with this method.

If your not sure of which method to use to moisturize your hair, try them both and take notes on how your hair feels and behaves. Trial and error is the best way to find out what your hair is happy with.

Do you use The L.O.C. Method or The L.C.O. Method and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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  1. I've actually tried both methids and I prefer L.O.C. I think its because it was the first method I used and its routine for me.


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