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By . - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Have you had a chance to visit the new LUSH store in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town? If not, what are you waiting for? The first time I visited this store was in Manhattan, and I'm happy to report that it's still the same happy place for beauty enthusiasts.

Hi Katie! (Awesome lady ;) )

I was greeted by the bubbly and highly knowledgeable Katie who hails from the UK LUSH. She's now based in Cape Town and she's the hostess with the mostess!

Hair Products I'm Interested In...


Trichomania - Solid Shampoo Made of Creamy Coconut
OK, its a solid shampoo made of COCONUT, especially for curly hair and vegan friendly. Need I say more? I want!
Curly Wurly Conditioning Shampoo
This shampoo is also coconut based and formulated especially for curly hair. It supposed to prepare the curls to coil without weight. Finally someone who understands my hair! Also vegan firendly ;) I want!
Godiva Shampoo Bar
Solid shampoo bar with added conditioner for a richer lather. Godiva uses our patented solid shampoo base with a sexy jasmine fragrance and a host of ingredients to give a more conditioning wash. I love the smell of jasmine and I love Godiva chocolate (unrelated) so I must try!

There are a TON of other shampoos they have for every hair issue you may have. I'm going to move on to conditioners so that this post isn't any longer than it needs to be. (Really freaking hard!)


R&B Hair Moisturiser - Revive and Balance It
Revives the hair and balances the scalp. A leave-in moisturiser for all dry or curly hair types. You know how many commercial hair companies that don't have a leave-in conditioner? Too damn many! I have to try this!
American Cream Hair Conditioner
This has to be the yummiest conditioner they sell in my opinion. It's a freaking milkshake in a a bottle that I can slather all over my hair. Stop the madness! This is a thick heavy conditioner – but won’t leave the hair weighted down or heavy. Its combination of honey, strawberries and fresh orange juice in a thick lanolin conditioner base, will make the hair soft, manageable and easy to comb. I want!
Big Solid Conditioner
This stuff just sounds like it would be so healthy for your hair. Sea salt, seaweed infusion, coconut oil, jojoba, and lemon and lime juice to condition and shine. Jasmine, tonka, orris, vetivert and vanilla to smell beautiful all day. Don't you want? I want!


Snake Oil Scalp Treatment
You may not like the smell of this, but it's promise is to sort out your scaly scalp and encourage you to massage the scalp. Healthy scalp + Blood flow = Healthy luscious hair! Yessssssss! I want...

and the finale....

Caca Noir Henna
It's premixed with all the stuff you need. All you do is add water to make a paste. Comes in a brick and leaves your hair the way henna should leave it... happy! No s**t! I MUST HAVE!

They have every Natural colour you may need. *swoons*

Stay tuned for the second portion of it's a lush life, where I'll chat about all the wonderful skin treatments that are available at LUSH. The hubby (Trevor's back) will talking to the guys about the great mens products that have him thinking twice about taking his skin care seriously. You don't want to miss this. He cracks me up!

Will you be running out to LUSH at the V&A Waterfront to check out their hair products? If you do, tell them that Good Hair Diaries sent you! Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. That RnB leave-in is rubbish! The sales lady was like "I get lots of ladies with your hair texture buying this, they love it". So I splashed out £10 to try it. I had such high hope for this 'natural product'.
    I have 4C hair and it did nothing for me. It just felt like i put grease on my hair. It had no moisturizing capabilities. I tried it on both wet & dry hair. It also made my hair frizzy. The smell is so so strong, my hubby couldn't stand it.

    1. Oh no! That's unfortunate. I hope that I have a good experience.


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