Product Review - Demi Godess 14 inch Mongolian Remy Hair in Natural Wave

By . - Wednesday, November 07, 2012

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THIS IS A SPONSORED PRODUCT REVIEW What does this mean? A cosmetics company has sent Good Hair Diaries products to do a HONEST review on. I have not been paid to write this review!


Demi Godess 14 inch Mongolian Remy Hair in Natural Wave

How the hair held up

  • Tangles - I have worn many types of weaves, but his was my first virgin remy hair experience, and I must say that I was impressed when I noticed this hair did not tangle very often. The Demi Godess Mongolian Remy Hair does not like too much product. After a shampoo and deep condition weekly, this hair only requires a small amount of silicone on the ends until your next wash.
  • Knots - Not a knot in sight for 6 + weeks. Brilliant!
  • Heat - This hair does not like direct heat (flat irons, blow drying or curling irons). This makes sense since the hair on the top of heads doesn't respond well to too much heat as well. However, what this hair does love is a good roller set where you sit under the hooded dryer. This is the way that I decided to 'straighten' the hair, and I had so much body, shine and movement.
  • Shedding - I'm going to get straight to the point here. If you don't cut or split the weft of the Demi Godess Mongolian Remy hair, this hair does not shed! WOW! Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb and your good to go. I even used a paddle brush on the hair and I didn't see shed.

Quality for money

  • Cost - R1200 per pack ($150)
Seeing that this hair can last you for entire year if you take excellent care of it, and I believe this to be true, I think it's worth the money. Am I saying that this isn't expensive for hair? Heck no! This is very expensive and all other bills and responsibilities would be taken care of first before R1200 hair is bought. I do believe in saving for what you want, and if your will to put money away for this purchase, you should buy it and enjoy it for a whole year with multiple wears!
  • Recommendation - Would I recommend this hair to anyone? No, because the texture of hair won't suit everyone. I chose this hair because I have curly hair that can be manipulated to be wavy as well. This particular hair suits relaxed texture, european textured and wavy textured hair. I got away with this hair well when I realized that it blended well with a quick roller set. I would suggest that you speak to the Demi Godess Consultants before you make such a big purchase. I actually sent a picture of my hair in it's natural state so that the consultants could assist me in choosing the right hair. I would love to see Demi Godess import some kinky curly hair that would match more natural texture hair. I would scoop that hair up in seconds!


Drum roll please...I give this hair a 5 out of 5 combs for overall quality and value of money. 

I give Demi Godess a 41/2 combs out of 5 because I want them to get some kinky curly hair in stock for those of us that don't have hair that is remotely close to European texture.

Interested in purchasing your very own Demi Godess Hair? See the details below!

Demi Godess

593 Puccini Street, 
Constantia park

Pretoria 0010


South Africa

Tel: 012 993 3561!/Demi_Godess

What do you think of the Demi Godess 14 inch Mongolian Remy Hair? Would you consider buying it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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