The Cut - Mini Big Chop Number Two!

By . - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey y'all. So. As I mentioned in the last post, I've done a mini big chop number two! 
I've wanted to cut my hair for a while, and things in my life have started to change in a big way, so I finally decided to make it happen. I knew what I wanted, so spent some time on lecoil trying to find images to bring to my stylist. Here's what I found:

All of the above were too dramatic for my tast, so here are the four images that I brought to my stylist:

I figured if the cut didn't work out, I'd go with this look:

I wanted more length in the front, and shorter on the back and sides (with a little bit of progression from short to long right at my temples.) My stylist, April Atkinson, shut it all the way down. She did exactly what I wanted to (for $45), and was very patient with me as I made suggestions for tweaks to the length of the sides. April is the is the owner and creator of Lockstar Salon in Charlotte, NC, which was the first salon I visited after my big chop for a consultation on how to take care of my natural hair. I knew I wanted to go back to her for this cut. She is currently working from home as she searches for a new salon in Charlotte, but her home is absolutely beautiful. She's a lovely, brilliant woman, and I highly recommend her to anyone in Charlotte (natural or otherwise. Oh, and she's freakin' gorgeous.
Check her out at

So here's the story. Earlier that day... the last shot of my full head o'hair. 
 A peek at her beautiful place- she's got these stunning 20 feet mirrors and these comfy modern salon chairs....
The first look at my short hair:
Y'all think I could sell it on the black market? That's GOOD HAIR. ;)
 That night I co-washed my hair and then did twisted bantu knots using castor oil on the front (the longest) section of my hair. I removed the twists in the morning and rocked out with some red lipstick:

Snapped a few shots on trip to the park with my babies (my little squish- my niece- and my sweet baby nephew):

(Homegirl was really trying to figure out that red lipstick situation. "What's on yo mouf, tia?!")

So that's the deal. I'll be going periodically to get it shaped up around the back and the sides, and playing with different styling techniques for the bangs.  I'm loving it so far!

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  1. yeeees I LOVE IT :) im right behind u. I've grown my hair out for over a year n im addicted to scissors! ur cut is similar to amanda from lethal pleasure when she cut her hair like that but its grown out now. i said the SAME THING if it dnt work out i can go back to my amber rose cut cuz i plan on doin that anywayz!! im so ready to cut its crazy. im so over long hair n its too much dmn work!


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