Ten Tips The Salon Won't Tell You About Weaves - Day 10

By . - Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We all know that a bad weave not only looks horrible on the top of your head, but it can also cause a massive amount of damage to your precious hair. With proper education and care of the hair underneath, a weave can not only be healthy, but it can also help you retain length. This is the reason I decided to host the 6 Week Sew-In Weave Protective Style Challenge Sponsored by Demi Godess.
Follow these simple steps and you’ll minimize damage and optimize growth!
1. You get what you pay for! Synthetic hair might seem cost-friendly but it can make your natural hair brittle and even irritate your scalp. Look out for brands that claim to be 100% human hair but are really mixed with synthetic fibers. Find a reputable Virgin/Remy Human hair dealer that you can afford and do it properly!
Line I love: Demi Godess  — 100% Remy Hair that can last from 6 to 12 months with proper care and maintenance
2. Moisturize! Condition! Moisturize! It’s crucial that you moisturize and deep condition your hair before attaching a weave. Apply a product like Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak to damp hair then sit under a hooded dryer wearing a plastic cap for at least 30 minutes. No hooded dryer? No problem. Leave the conditioner in for 45 minutes to overnight with just the plastic cap. Then rinse. Moisturizing the tracks and braids underneath is also a crucial step while in your weave. A leave-in conditioner, natural oil and braid spray as a moisturizer can keep your hair in tip-top shape.
3. Say NO to glue! This is the year 2012 and you shouldn't be gluing anything to your hair. Cornrows aren't only for full-weaves and can look just as natural as glue-ins. Small and intricately placed braids can blend in seamlessly with loose natural strands.
4. If it hurts, remove it! Tracks should be sewn in firmly but comfortably. You should not leave the salon in pain. Keep a weaving thread and needle handy at home for any tracks that come loose. It’s not worth losing your hair.
5. It's all on the net. Attaching a weaving net can relieve some of the tension. You can even have the tracks sewn onto the net instead of your actual hair. This makes getting to your scalp when washing easier and makes weave removal simple.
6. Wash it. Part your weave into four quadrants. Create loose knots and secure with clips to reduce tangling. Use a spray bottle with diluted shampoo and diluted conditioner to reduce buildup. Saturate each section then massage product into scalp and hair as you would your natural hair (using your fingertips, not nails and carefully maneuvering between tracks and under braids). When conditioning, use a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle. Rinse section by section, loosely wrapping back up in a knot when moving onto the next. When all product is removed, create four braids. Finally, sit under a hooded dryer so that scalp and hair can thoroughly dry.
6. Don’t use product. Oils, cremes and hairsprays will weigh down your weave and cause build up which can lead to odors! Aerosol sprays can dry out the strands. If you invest in a quality weave, you won’t need to apply product between washes. If you have a curly weave, a dollop of leave in condition on the damp hair will control frizz.
7. Avoid too much heat. Minimize your use of curling and flat irons. Bantu knots or jumbo braids at night can create beautiful curls and waves in the morning. Just lightly finger-comb. The less you manipulate your weave, the less stress you’re applying to your real hair.
9. Oil your edges and scalp. Castor Oil and coconut oil nourish the hairline and scalp very well. Mix in a squirt bottle so that you can direct the oil to your scalp and avoid the contact with your weave. 
10. Take a break. Weave should only be worn for  a max of 2 months, after which time a break should be taken for at least 1 week (2 weeks is desirable). Try a faux pony or bun if your insist on not wearing your own hair, but give your strands a break from being weaved on.

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