Protecting Your Roller-Set With Pin Curls - Day 9

By . - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 8 of the 6 Week Sew-in Weave Protective Style Challenge revealed my hairstyle of the week, which is the roller-set. On Day 9 I want to talk about protecting this style for the week so you don't have to wear rollers to bed every night.

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The best way to maintain this style overnight is by pin curling.

  • Pins
  • Hair net
  • Satin/Silk Scarf/Bonnet
  1. Grab a section of hair and finger comb through it.
  2. Start from the end of the hair and roll the hair onto your finger until you form a circle
  3. Pin this circle flat to your hair
  4. Repeat this throughout the head.
  5. Cover pin curls with a hair net
  6. Cover hair net with silk or satin scarf/bonnet
  7. In the morning, remove the pins and finger style your preserved roller set.
  • Small pincurls create tighter curls and bigger pin curls create volumunous curls
  • Any sort of pin can be used as long as the ends don't prick you and rip hair out
  • A light oil or serum can be used before pin curling to sort out unruly or frizzy ends.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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