What Products Am I Using? - Day 4

By . - Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using the right products to keep your natural hair healthy and your weave looking great is essential. It's important to choose your products carefully and for specific reasons. I will be listing all of the products I am currently using, how I'm using it and why.

If you are not familiar with the Good Hair Diaries 6 Week Sew-In Weave Protective Style Challenge, check out the information here and join me as I reach great lengths with my hair. This weave challenge is sponsored by Demi Godess Remy Hair.

1. Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather Sulfate-Free Shampoo

  • How - I'm using this shampoo to wash my natural hair as well as the weave weekly. I wet my entire head in the shower and apply a decent amount of shampoo to the scalp and and track of the weave. I smooth the hair in a downward motion during the rinsing process in order to keep the hair from tangling.
  • Why - Sodium laureth sulfate is a detergent and surfactant found in many shampoos. Although SLS has been deemed safe in many cosmetic products we use, it is still known to irritate the skin and eyes as a detergent. Sulfates are also known to dry out the scalp and hair during the washing process. I choose to use a sulfate-free shampoo as a gentler and less drying option for my natural hair and Demi Godess Hair. This ensures that the weaved hair is revived and back to it's original quality each time I was it.
  • Tip - If you are rocking hair that is not virgin and unprocessed like Demi Godess hair, consider using a shampoo that is specific to the hair. For instance, use a shampoo for dyed hair on color treated weave and a regular sulfate-free shampoo on your natural hair. One size doesn't fit all so it's important to know how your hair weave was handled before it got to you.

2. Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturizing Conditioner
  • How - After shampooing my natural and weaved hair, I ring out all excess water. I scoop a generous amount of conditioner into the palm of my hand and spread onto my natural and weaved hair. From root to tip, I make sure that the conditioner is distributed evenly. I cover the hair with a plastic conditioning cap and sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes. I make sure to do this weekly.
  • Why - My natural is very curly and my weaved hair is a natural body wave. Curls unleashed suits both hair types very well. It imparts moisture and makes the hair so soft and smooth. This conditioner is a hit!
  • Tip - Again, it's important to choose a conditioner to suit your natural and the weaved hair. Color treated and otherwise processed hair should have a conditioner to maintain whatever process it has been through.

3. Curls Unleashed No Boundaries leave-In Conditioner
  • How - After I rinse my conditioner out with cool water, I gently dry my natural and weaved hair with a t-shirt. I separate my natural hair from my weaved hair by clipping it aside. I apply this leave-in conditioner to my natural hair only and allow it to air dry for touchable soft hair.
  • Why - Anyone who has followed my hair journey knows that I believe in leave-in products. It really prepares the hair for further styling and keeps the hair moisturized.
  • Tip - Put a leave-in conditioner on your natural hair and not the weaved hair. I find that weaved hair prefers minimal amount of product, and a leave-in conditioner may cause the weave to tangle instead of the opposite.

4. Pantene Split End Mender Serum
  • How - I know what your thinking guys! You have to cut off damaged ends because nothing mends split ends. That is still true and always will be until science does some amazing things. I use this serum on the weaved hair only when its damp and dry through out the week. This product was recommended by Demi Godess as the product of choice for their hair. I am following directions and I have no regrets.
  • Why - Like I said, this product was recommended by Demi Godess and it really does halp keep tangles and knots at bay. I have not used this product on my natural hair, and I don't plan to for the time being.
  • Tip - Anti-frizz serums really do respond well with weaves for some reason. Use them sparingly and on the ends of the weaves to get the most out of your weaved hair.

5. Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
  • How - I mix these two oils together in a spray bottle and spray my natural hair and braids under the weave while it's still damp. I also massage these oils into my hairline in order to protect it through the weaved process. I am very careful not to get these oils on my weaved hair.
  • Why - These oils seal in the moisture and nourish my scalp. I would and do use these oils weekly. I am sure not to get these oils on to my weaved hair since no one likes a greasy weave. Natural oils can also cause the weave to tangle and lose longevity.
  • Tip - Take your time and massage the oils into the natural hair and scalp. Your hair will be happy and healthy when you remove your weave.

6. L'oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream
  • How - If I plan to flat iron my weave, I will apply it on the damp hair. If I am roller setting and sitting under a dryer, I will apply this cream to my natural hair only and roll the hair up.
  • Why - This cream gives great results when flat ironing and roller setting. It provides heat protection and a silky and glossy shine to the natural and weaved hair. It's extremely important to protect hair from heat damage with proper products.
  • Tip - Use heat protectants that aren't oily for the best results. Consider using a shampoo and conditioner for heat styling as well.

7. JO'M Hair Softener Spray
  • How - Through out the week I will spray my braids under the weave with this spray.
  • Why - This gives my hair moisture and protects against breakage and dry scalp.
  • Tip - Mix water, glycerin, oil and conditioner in a spray bottle and spray the hair with it for moisture and as a leave-in conditioner.

As you can see, caring for your weave and the hair under the weave is not child's play. If you care about the health of your natural hair, you will take the necessary precautions to prevent damage and to give your hair a fighting chance.

How do you care for your hair when wearing a sew-in weave? let me know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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