Caring For Your Weave - Day 3

By . - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When you spend your hard earned money on a hair piece, it's very important that you get your monies worth. That's why you should commit to learning how to care for the hair piece properly.

As you know, I am wearing Demi Godess 14 inch Mongolian Natural Wave Remy Hair, and the 6 Week Sew-In Weave Protective Style Challenge is sponsored by Demi Godess. They hair they supplied me with came with a nifty little card that explains how to properly care for the hair piece. I believe these rules can be used with all hair human hair piece no matter the brand.


Accumulation of dirt can cause tangles. Wash hair at least once per week.

  • Apply moisturizing shampoo at root and work it down to the tips. Do not rub or ruffle the hair. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Follow with conditioner. Use a comb (not a brush) to comb tangles out from the tips working up the roots.
  • Rinse. You may comb while rinsing to prevent tangling.

When using heated appliances such as hair straighteners or hair dryers, please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Using these on too high a temperature will cause damage to the hair.
  • Use a heat protected styling product before applying heat.
  • Towel dry or blow dry hair
  • Style as desired.
General Care Tips
  • Using styling products such as mousse and hairsprays are allowed but will result in hair needing to be washed more often.
  • Moisturizing this hair is not necessary on a daily basis, but should be done once a week using 1 drop of silicone massaged into the hair.
  • Never force a brush through tangles, use a comb to gently work out the tangles, starting at the tip and working up to the root. Once tangles are removed, you may proceed to brush hair as usual.
  • Heat protective shampoos, conditioners and products are available at most stores. If you use heat for styling, please try to use these products as it will help to extend the quality and lifespan of the hair.

If you follow these directions for caring for your weave, I have no doubt that it will last as long as it's supposed to. Remember that inexpensive processed beauty supply store hair should last you 2 months. Premium hair should last between 6 to 12 months. Get your monies worth!

Stay tuned for an article where I let you know what specific products I am using to keep my natural hair and Demi Godess hair beautiful and happy.

Will you be following these rules for caring for your hair piece?

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. Great tips! And FYI, you are listed on my blog roll at I love your blog!

  2. Hey would like to know what other hair products I can use to take of my weave and natural hair besides dr.m and the organic curls there is strike cnt seem to get these products


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