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By . - Monday, June 04, 2012

They say that if you don't have time to put make-up on in the morning, the least you can do is make sure that your eyebrows are well manicured and framing your face. It's unacceptable to shave your brows off and draw them back in. Let me help you create the perfect brow.

* Tweezers - Make sure the tip is sharp and slanted so that you can get as close as possible to the root of the hair. Nobody wants to see stubble on the brow.

* Scissors - Get those extra long hairs out of the way with a pointy brow shaping scissor.

* Pencil - Get yourself a brow pencil that matches the color of your brows. If the hairs aren't black, toss the black pencil.

* Brush - Clean that mascara brush from that really old mascara you been holding on to. This is your new eyebrow brush. Thank me later ;)

How To Do It:

1. Top - Comb your brows up with a clean mascara brush to find the true shape of your brows. Now use your shaping scissors to snip any hairs outside of the shape of your brows.

2. Beginning - Where should your brow begin? Line up the end of a make-up brush with the inside of your nose. Any hairs that fall on the outside bridge of nose needs to be tweezed. Handle it!

3. Arch - Find the highest point of your arch by holding the end of your make-up brush straight up along the outer iris, and tilt it 45 degrees towards your temple. You found it! Now pluck hairs underneath to define your arch. Be sure to not make your arch too thin by plucking too much. You've been warned.

4. End - Line the end of your make-up brush with your nostril and the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. Remove all stray hairs that fall below your brush.

5. Gaps - Use the brow pencil in the right color to fill in thin areas and define your shape. Use short and quick strokes to create a realistic and perfect brow.

Good Hair Diaries Tips to Minimize Pain:

* Dip a face cloth in water that is hot enough for you to put on your face. Ring out the cloth and lay it over your brows to open up your pores.

* Be sure to pull hairs out in the direction that they grow in

* Buy some cooling and soothing aloe vera gel to apply to the brow after tweezing.

Do you shape and maintain your own eyebrows at home?

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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