All About Curls Series - Conditioning Your Curly Hair

By . - Friday, March 23, 2012


Let’s talk about conditioning your curly hair. It’s an absolute must that we always follow-up a shampooing with conditioner to put the moisture back into our hair. This conditioner will not be rinsed from the hair because it is meant to protect the hair from humidity and wind.
  1. Loosely divide your hair in half while it’s wet from the showr.
  2. Take a large amount of conditioner and apply it to one side of your hair. You want to focus on the length of the hair and ignore the scalp at this point.
  3. Be sure to squeeze the conditioner down the length of your hair. It should be thick and squishy through your fingers.
  4. Repeat for the other side of your hair.
Why aren’t we rinsing out the conditioner? Have you ever tried to run a comb through your curly, kinky, coily hair while it was dry? Didn’t it hurt like hell? Was there a lot of hair on the comb and the floor? You probably said yes to most of these questions. Curly hair shouldn’t be combed while dry. PERIOD! Curly hair should only be combed while soaking wet and covered in conditioner.
I recommend using a Denman brush, but a shower comb or a wide tooth comb could also do the trick for you.
  1. Grab a small section of hair and start combing from the bottom to the top. All tangles and knots should be easy to remove this way.
  2. Your hair will begin to foam while doing this, but this is completely normal. The excess conditioner will be gone by the time we are finished.
  3. Repeat this method for every section of hair until the entire head is detangled and frizz free.
  4. Remember to hold the hair in the middle to prevent yourself from tugging at the hair on your scalp. This process should not hurt you if you do it properly.

This is the ideal way to condition your hair if you are a curly haired sister. The next topic in the “All About Curls Series” will be how to “Defining Your Curly Hair”. I hope this information is helpful to everyone. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section or email me at

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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