All About Curls Series - Washing Your Curls

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Lets chat about shampooing your curls. All hair is at its happiest when it is growing out of a clean scalp. You could honestly be washing your hair very often but still have tons of build up. This is where a clarifying or chelating shampoo is recommended at least once a month for your curls. A clarifying shampoo simply removes the build-up that a products may leave behind overtime. A chelating shampoo removes calcium, mineral deposits and product build-up that may be left behind from relaxing your hair with a no-lye relaxer, swimming in a chlorinated pool or from hard water in your shower. If you do not relax with a no-lye relaxer, swim in a chlorinated pool or have hard water in your shower or bath, there is no reason to use a chelating shampoo. A normal clarifying shampoo will do the job of removing heavy build-up.

It is extremely important to be as gentle as possible with your curls during the shampooing process. Please DO NOT pile your hair on the top of your head and grind shampoo in. Although doing this may feel really great, it is horrible for your hair. All this will do is create knots which will mat your curls. Remember that shampoo is for cleaning the scalp and removing building, therefore you want to make sure you are applying it to the scalp and not the length of the hair. Try the below process for clarifying or chelating once a month:
  1. Allow the water to run over your hair in a downward motion, keeping your hair smooth and tangle free. Press and squeeze the water into your hair to make sure it is saturated before applying shampoo.
  2. Apply shampoo to your fingertips and insert them under your hair and to your scalp. Rub the shampoo onto your scalp only with your fingertips. Your nails do not have a job in this process, so keep them away from your scalp and avoid scrubbing with them.
  3. Once you have lathered your scalp properly, rinse thoroughly, opening sections of your hair to allow the water to run through. As the water and soap meet the length of your curls will get washed by the run off of shampoo. Make sure all traces of shampoo are gone before moving on. Only shampoo once!
  4. Apply a generous amount of a light and inexpensive conditioner to your hair. This will impart moisture back into the hair while still continuing the cleansing process. Apply the conditioner from root to tip by squeezing the conditioner in a downward motion.
  5. Use your wide tooth comb/shower comb and start detangling with the conditioner still in your hair. Begin from the ends of your hair using a picking motion and work your way up. This is the only time you should be using a comb on your curls.
  6. Rinse the conditioner out with cool to cold water in order to close cuticle of the hair and create smooth curls.
This is the way that you should be washing your hair if you are a curly haired sister. The next topic in the “All About Curls Series” will be how to “Conditioning Your Curly Hair”. I hope this information is helpful to everyone. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section or email me at

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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