Healthy Hair Story - Meet DJ Brina Payne

By . - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Name: DJ Brina Payne

How long have you been a natural head? Since '98

Your a busy New York City DJ, when do you find the time to care for your hair?  I find that I have to MAKE time...even if it means carrying a spray bottle filled with conditioner, water and coconut oil before my set.   I typically try to wash/co-wash at least 2x week.

Give us your typical before bed and before leaving the house routine. Before bedtime, I wet my hair with my spray bottle (see ingredients above)..not too wet but enough to detangle before I add a bit of coconut/castor/tea tree oil mixture to my ends/strands.   Then I braid into one or two braids before I scarf.   In the morning, I take down the braids and run some moisturizer from Qhemet Burdock or Curls Whipped throughout my hair.   I just discovered Carols' Daughter's Macadamia smoothing pomade which has now became part of my morning staple as of last week;)   Good for those unruly edges.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a curly haired girl?   The most rewarding aspect is education which, imho, took me far beyond hair.   You learn alot about your health, body and how important diet plays a part in healthy hair.  

What is the #1 question people ask you about your hair?  "Can I touch it?"

My hair is at it's happiest when...It's wet and clean!

What products can you absolutely not live without? Coconut oil and Devacurl One conditioner

What does "Good Hair" mean to you? Healthy trimmed hair, no matter the hair type (which I hate, btw)....and that goes for permed hair as well.

How can we stay in touch with you?, @DJBrinaPayne, Facebook:  Brina'll find all my updates there for gigs, music and such.

Thank you, DJ Brina Payne! 

Be sure to check her out at her next gig if you happen to be in New York City.

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Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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