Product Review - Yes to Carrots Pampering Hair Mud Conditoner

By . - Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Note - I added a bunch of back items to the site, so check them out and enjoy!

I was walking through Clicks Pharmacy in Rondebosch, Cape Town checking out the hair aisle that usually depresses and disappoints me to no end. I don't know what the hair industry thinks about ethnic hair, but they are so off the ball. I grabbed my personal items and headed to the till to check out. All of a sudden something orange catches me eye. My world would never be the same again...

Let me start by saying that this conditioner is not cheap here. It runs at apporimately R70 to R80, so I was like this better be worth the price. I had heard a couple of women speak about it on youtube, so I figured I would give it a try. You all don't even know. This stuff smells really great and it's super thick. I used it first to deep condition on wash day and my hair was super soft after sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes. My hair smells so yummy! I then used it as my moisturizer when I set my hair in bantu knots that evening.

To my USA followers -  I believe you can find this at Walgreens or Walmart, and I'm sure it's much cheaper.

My hair turned out shiny and super soft. It wasn't heavy on my hair at all which let me know that my hair was able to absorb all the yummy goodness. I was sold! This one item has litteraly changed my entire regimen ( which I will update next). I feel like we are constantly on the quest to find the perfect products to work for our hair. We often look at other folks hair and try and do what they do, which there is nothing wrong with. Everything starts with trial and error, but when you check your bank balance at the end of ALLLLL that trying out... it is not only ineffective in what you are trying to achieve, which is most likely long, strong and healthy hair, but you're broke now!

My one hope for all my followers is that you find the products/supplements/ regimen that works for you, and doesn't break the bank. Here's to a happy good hair day!

Have a Good Hair Day!

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