Update on Protective Style

By . - Monday, May 17, 2010

So, I’m 9 days into my challenge and I am very happy with my routine. Yesterday I woke up feeling like my hair needed some serious TLC. I clarified with my ORS Uplifting Shampoo and deep conditioned with ORS Replenishing conditioner. I sealed the conditioner in with coconut oil. Don’t forget that I still have my sew in and I treat that hair exactly like the one growing from my scalp. I find that the weave holds up for much longer, and I don’t use expensive hair at all. I cover the hair with a conditioning cap and my satin bonnet.

When I rinsed my hair in the evening, I was so amazed at how soft it was. I blow dried my hair on cool making sure that my braids got dry first. Then I flat ironed my roots only and set my entire head in rollers for bed. I took the rollers out and this is what it looked like before I finger combed. I blanked out my face cause I really looked jacked without my moisturizer and make-up. Anyway, my hair was soft and shiny and the curls were pretty bouncy. I want to give the curls time to drop so that they dont look too hectic.

I think that I will leave this particular hair in for a max of another week. I want get a nice wet and wavy hair so I can put my flat iron to rest for the rest of my challenge. I will just blend my natural curls into the weave and make it look natural. Stay tuned for a length check when I change my hair and maybe a video. I’m trying to build up enough courage to do a video. Anyway, I will try to get another picture in later on today when the curls drop.

Have a good hair day!

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