Hair Challege - Protective Style

By . - Monday, May 17, 2010

Keeping your hair in a protective style has been proven to help retain length through minimal manipulation. This challenge is all about leaving your hair alone so it can grow long and strong for 2010. Lets grow and retain 6 inches of hair!


  • Hair must be in a protective style at least 5 days a week
  • Direct heat pass 2x a month
  • Clarify once a month
  • Castor Oil on scalp after clarifying
  • Protein treatment once a month – followed by a moisturizing treatment
  • Hot oil treatment at least once a month
  • Deep condition at least once a week
  • Moisturize and seal daily
  • Baggy ends nightly (depending on protective style)
  • Light dusting AS NEEDED! (The point is to retain your length, so you dont want to cut an inch off of your hair at any point)


Sorry the photo isn’t with my back facing you.

My hair in the back is just about 4 inches from my bra strap in this pic.

My starting protective style will be a hair weave. Pics will come soon as I am in the middle of doing it right now. I plan to leave the hair in until March 4th if possible. This will require me to take really good care of the hair so it doesn’t look ragedy. I’ve mastered the art of washing and deep conditioning the weave. Yes, I deep condition my hair weave as I would my own hair. It comes out silky soft and happy. I will take an update picture of my hair after uninstalling the weave. We will see what my new protective style will be after that. If I see a lot of progress in my hair I will reinstall.

  Have a good hair day!

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