Product Review - CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy

By . - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today I will be reviewing 6 products from the CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy line. I love trying a new product range and using it exactly as directed. You really get a feel for the range and what could possible work for your hair. Lets get started...

  • Sulfate and Paraben free
  • Claims to pamper hair with a moisturizing lather and maintain hair color
Let me start by saying that the entire line smells horrible! I absolutely hated the smell from the time I opened the bottles, but I got pass the smell in order to try the product. The shampoo really stripped my hair of all oils and residue. I wouldn't say that it was the most gentle shampoo I have ever used at all. I was very careful when handling my delicate strands after using this shampoo. It gets a thumbs up for being sulfate free, but I would definitely only use this shampoo once or twice a month. It's pretty hectic!

  • Contains certified organic oils
My hair soaked up this conditioner immediately after the shampooing. I enjoyed the feel of my hair and there was great slip. I was able to detangle easily and I lost very few hairs. My scalp even tingled a bit. Again, the smell was horrible. I wish I could describe it.

  • Claims to replenish dry, damaged, overworked and color treated hair
  • Promises soft and illuminating shine
I got out of the shower and gently blotted the excess water from my hair with a towel. I applied a generous amount of this paste to my hair and sat under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes. The smell of this conditioner filled the room and soaked into each follicle of my hair. I eventually became immune to it. After my 30 minutes were up I rinsed the conditioner out. My hair really felt amazing! So soft and smooth! My curls were defined and happy. This deep conditioner definitely gets a thumbs up for leaving my hair so happy.

  • Claims to repair split ends
  • Reconstructs and nourishes
What can I say? This product was interesting... in the bottle it has 2 layers, so you have to shake the product really well before attempting to apply. It's supposed to be a leave-in treatment so I applied it immediately after rinsing my deep conditioner out. I applied from root to tip and directed on the bottle. This leave-in definitely smelled stronger than the other products. It smelled as if it was alcohol based and the first 3 ingredients are cones. I worried about it drying my hair out big time. I don't like this product at all! I think it's a bottle of expensive nonsense. Save yourself the time and money.

  • Provides soft hold to hair styles.
I applied this glaze through out my hair in preparation for a twist out. It felt a little sticky and I really wanted to apply a moisturizer, but  didn't want to mess with the range of products. I knew that my twist out would look like a hot mess and it did. I don't use holding products on my hair. No hair spray or mouse...nothing! This was so out of character for me and my hair came out crunchy and dry. I HATE THIS PRODUCT!

I won't even bother to talk about the OLIVE NUTRIENT SPRITZ. If you like your hair to feel like a rock, you can go right ahead and spray this crap on your head.

Overall I would say that I would only use the conditioners from the line if I had to. The smell is horrible and it takes a while to leave your head. The shampoo was way to harsh on my strands and it made me paranoid that my hair would snap off at any moment. let's not even get into the fact that CHI Organics is NOT ORGANIC! Epic FAIL! Yes, it includes a couple of certified organic ingredients but it's not an organic product. I will finish the conditioner and shampoo, but everything else is going right in the trash. Shame...

Have a good hair day!

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  1. Hey Kavul - is this CHI related to the flat iron/ heating tools company?

  2. This is the same CHI that has flat irons and other heating tools. They came out with an organic line as well.

  3. Hey there hun,

    I'm using the Chi organics spray oil treatment in a spray can and an hour later my scalp is sooo ichy my extensions feel a bit dry....I don't know if it is fully organic but i don't recommended it either it is crap before i used it my hairwas soft and silky now it feel crap!!!

    1. This particular line from CHI is a massive failure. I love their original stuff though. CHI Silk Infusion is a favorite of mine.


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