Claudia Schiffer in Dark Makeup and an Afro: Dope Creativity or Shameless Racism?

By . - Thursday, June 03, 2010

I came across this picture on the net and I immediately thought to myself that Karl Lagerfeld has done it again.  He put Claudia Schiffer on the cover of the 60th issue of Stern Fotografie, a German style quarterly with 20 years of style. I think it's completely awesome, but apparently the buzz about the covers has nothing to do with Karl's genius. They think the third picture above on the first row is Claudia in black face. I think that's ridiculous. First of all it looks like Claudia has a serious tan, like she may have some greek up in her, and browns really well when sun bathing. The fro and the gown look great together, and I think she looks beautiful. Why doesn't anyone talk about the first photo where she seems to look Asian, or the last photo where she is very masculine? Is that Marie Antoinette in the middle ? " Let them eat cake"

I have an idea. Let's get all the Asians and cross dressers of the world to protest the 60th issue of Stern Fotografie. SIKE! 

Since when did we start putting boundaries on art? If white folks want to put on bronzer that is too dark for them and wear their hair in a curly fro like me...KNOCK YOURSELF OUT! I look fabulous and so does Claudia Schiffer. 


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