A Quick And Easy Guide To The Most Popular Wig Closures

By . - Friday, November 23, 2018

Choose wisely before you buy. 

Wigs and extensions have long been a go-to style for anyone looking to protect their natural hair or simply try something new. So it’s no surprise that weave installations and techniques have advanced with the times. 
One of those major enhancements includes the addition of hair closures, an added extension placed on top of a flat cornrowed base to reveal a natural looking part, which you can see in the below tutorial by YouTuber Raven Elyse.
A hair closure makes it possible to braid the hair you would typically “leave out” to cover your tracks, thus protecting it from constant manipulation and heat damage. Installing closures can be a tedious task, so be sure to consult with an experienced hairstylist before choosing any of the below options. 
Lace Vs. Silk Closure
A lace closure consists of individual strands wefted onto lace material. Lace closures tend to be less expensive than silk ones, are generally easier to install and lay flatter to the scalp. However, keep in mind that using this type of closure may require bleaching the black knots that sometimes cause the closure to look synthetic. Sites such as Indique HairUnice Hair, and ONYC Hair sell quality lace options that won't break the bank. 
On the other hand, a silk closure is made with strands embedded into a skin-like silk material. Generally, people prefer silk closures when they want a more realistic look without having to bleach the knots. These will certainly cost you more money but are known to last longer and more closely resemble the scalp. Sites such as Silk Base ClosuresDiamond Virgin Silk Hair Closures, and Closure Store are all great places to start your search. 

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Frontals are in the same family of closures, but a bit different because they're designed for the ear to ear coverage and meant to mimic the natural hairline. Frontals are great for those who seek to conceal hair loss or simply want to protect their edges. Start your search for quality options at Tiarra Monet's (above) Crowned Collection website
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360 Closures
A 360 closure, like this one from HER Imports, is designed with a headband on it and circles the entire perimeter of your head so you can wear a ponytail. This closure is best for anyone who desires the flexibility to explore multiple styling options! 
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