5 Healthy Meal Plans And Detox Options To Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (International Version)

By . - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

With these wholesome selections, you won’t have to worry about packing on the pounds while indulging during the festive season.
‘Tis the season of family, friends, fellowship… and failed diets. We all know what the holidays bring: endless options of food, the ability to overeat—and potentially pack on a few pounds.
Eating healthy during the holidays has long been a struggle for many. Between company holiday parties, and family dinners, it’s easy to fall off from your fitness goals. This year, it’s time to break the cycle. You’ve been working hard all year on your fitness goals, and no longer have to give up eating “clean” just because it’s the holidays. This year, you can find a healthy balance between indulgence and moderation, while also enjoying delicious and delectable meals.
With these health-inspired food options to balance it out, you don’t have to worry about packing on the pounds while indulging in the holiday spirit. So yes, enjoy your sweet potato pie — but also consider these detoxes and meal plans to help keep your pounds in check.
Personal Trainer Food
Looking for a meal plan for weight loss, offering all your macros, carb allotments, and source of protein, that also delivers to your door? Personal Trainer Food does just the job. All the meals are pre-cooked, pre-seasoned, and ready to heat up. With full-month meal plans, you don’t have to think about your meals while at work, or what you will eat at the company gala. Just warm up before you go, and head out the door!
Juice Press
During the holidays, we get more than our fair share of toxins in the foods that we’re eating, but a cleanse helps to detox your body from all the grime and provides energy for your busy schedule. Juice Press now offers cleanses made up of whole foods and has a variety of fat-filled coconut milk drinks. So you’ll feel like you’ve filled up on a full meal, even though you’re taking down the other kind of liquid courage.
Hello Fresh
While many companies deliver a box of food straight to your door, be aware that not all of them are good for you. By delivering step-by-step health-food recipes and fresh ingredients, customers can relax and enjoy all there is to love about cooking and eating again, without the concern of adding to the guilt meals that you’ll be indulging in throughout the holidays. In just a few easy steps, home cooks can whip up simple, yet delicious recipes that take just 30 minutes (or less) to prepare.
Protein World
Breakfast just got a whole lot healthier with Protein World. From their slender pancakes to their protein porridge, you don’t have to sacrifice a hearty breakfast when you wake up on Christmas morning, or after a long night spent with family. In fact, with vanilla protein shakes this good, you’ll think you’re drinking eggnog instead of a protein shake.
Sakara Life
Sakara Life is the nutritionally-designed, plant-based meal delivery service that uses only natural, unrefined sugar sources (think pure maple syrup, wildflower honey, whole fruit and dates). Every Sakara dish is made with the ideal 1:1 ratio of fiber to sugar, which works to balance and stabilize blood sugar, promote weight loss and encourage a healthy microbiome. And chances are, you’re consuming approximately 82 grams of added sugar (about 20 teaspoons) per day (which is even worse during the holidays). That incredibly too much sugar, which means you might be completely unaware of the refined sugar hiding in your morning smoothie, salad dressing, tomato sauce and more.

This story was originally published on Essence.

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