Do's & Don'ts for Home Hair Care

By . - Monday, January 11, 2021

Home hair care has always been a controversial topic within salons. Top advice would be, let the professionals handle it; it’s what we love to do. But with today's’ society being what it is with COVID-19, we understand sometimes a girl got to do what a girl got to do. So for all those “home care fundi’s” out there, here are some top tips to keep you looking your best:

  • Never attempt to highlight your hair at home. Never. Ever! The damage that a novice could do their own hair could lead to an unwanted big chop.
  • If it’s time to refresh your dark colour I would suggest the use of a colour shampoo at home. They are fairly safe and help disguise any telltale signs of fading. 
  • Never attempt to change your hair colour from dark to light while at home. There are too many logistics involved to complete this process and will definitely require expert advice. In the same breath, going from light to dark is fine. Don’t’s include dark to light, dark to red, red to blonde, these are all no no’s. 
  • You cannot use baby oil as a styling aid! Don’t do it! 
  • It is key to remember that chemist/supermarket shampoo and those used in the salon are two very different products. When needing to buy shampoo for home care be sure to purchase a good quality shampoo based on salon advice on your current hair state. Self-diagnosis is trouble in the making especially if you have colour or highlighted hair. 
  • Shampoo red coloured hair with cooler water as it keeps the colour fresh and vibrant. 
  • After a red colour treatment in the salon, make sure to sleep on a towel as the heat from your scalp combined with your fresh colour will cause staining on your pillow sheet. 
  • Do not attempt to cut your own hair with kitchen or craft scissors. Get a pair of hair sheers and begin by trimming  1 to 2 centimeters at a time. You can always trim more, but you can't glue back what you cut off.
  • Do not attempt to bleach hair that was treated with henna, it will melt. 
  • Always apply a heat protection product, even the “harmless” Sunday sun can be considered a major heat source and change your curl/kink pattern drastically.
Follow these tips and share these tips to save a head of hair.

Let us know in the comments below what you have done to your hair while stuck at home.

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  1. great tips!! nice blog

  2. Please post tips on products to use for transitioning without doing the big chop

  3. Hi! Please share tips on products and regimens to follow for people wanting to transition without doing the big chop


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