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My longest and healthiest relationship has been with my hair, but it wasn't always that way. When I was younger, I struggled to love what grew out of my scalp naturally. We all know that if we don't love a certain part of ourselves, it's impossible for us to care for it properly.

In recent years, Dove has become apart of my long term and healthy relationship with my hair because of their commitment to healthy hair.

Dove has therefore relaunched their hair care range with the aim to offer women a long term solution for their hair that will help them to get rid of the anxiety that often comes with hair problems and its impact on their livesThe new Dove Nutritive Solutions two way care system gives the immediate results of hair repair (shiniersilkier and smoother hair), coupled with the long term benefits achieved from progressive nourishment, providing healthier and more beautiful hair that gets better day after day.

Watch my product review here 

Interested in trying this fabulous line of products? Dove South Africa will be treating 5 lucky Good Hair & Beauty Diaries readers to a hamper of products worth R1000! Yaaaaaasssssss!

Each hamper includes the following:

  • Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo
  • Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner
  • Dove Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner
  • Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask
  • 1 Microfibre Towel
  • 1 Bath Towel
** Worth R1000!

How To Enter
  1. Leave a short comment below with your name, email address and a short story about your relationship with your hair.
  2. Then head on over to Twitter and cut & paste the following tweet:
    " I just entered to win a @Dove_za hamper on @GoodHairDiaries valued at R1000! Enter to win #DoveHairPerfectPair " 
  3. 5 lucky winners will be announced on Thursday 31 March 2016
Best of luck to all the entrants!



Ayanda Makhanya
Tiisetso Gama
Mosa Moerane

Please check your emails and reply immediately!!!!

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  1. Thembi I have had a rollercoaster ride with my hair that was emotional this past weekend. We have been through processed hair, shaven hair, weaves but it wasn't until I went natural.that I loved my hair and this for some reason made me embrace the woman I am. The ups and downs were before I found myself and loving the parts of my body and self I hated and realized this hair. God gave me is perfect. Now I am natural. I use products that show my hair love just as how my natural hair has made me love myself more. Coconut oil, olive oil and tea tree ôil are my new bff's :)

  2. I mistreated my hair so bad, with weave after weave after weave, and not giving my hair a breather - that I had to cut it all off. I'm now starting from scratch.

  3. Allo my kinks are my crowning glory, Its the one part of me I take care of the same way I take care of my Body.To say I love it to bits is an understatement, I chose to love my kinks the way it grows from my scalp for 8 years now, we survived snide remarks, comments, breakage and harsh Joburg weather and products that left it dryand I am continuing to love thekinks even more every day.

  4. Rethabile I have been natural for the last 2 years and it has not been easy. I love learning about the different products that are available to nourish and retain moisture for my type of hair. My hair has taught me that it's ok to look different and to love yourself regardless of what society may say.

  5. Rethabile I have been natural for the last 2 years and it has not been easy. I love learning about the different products that are available to nourish and retain moisture for my type of hair. My hair has taught me that it's ok to look different and to love yourself regardless of what society may say.


    The relationship with my hair is hasn't always be a loving one. I never imagined I would grow my hair out in it's natural state because I thought it was tough and hard to handle, but through proper research I have been able to have soft and beautiful hair. A yr after I returned to natural I lost 17 kilograms. Being natural has taught me to care for my entire self, moisture my body and hair from the in out and live happy.

  7. Nkateko Sithole

    I had a wonderful relationship with my hair for over two years. I then went to some salon - worst decision I have ever made. I now feel like my hair is punishing me by breaking. It has got to a point where I can't leave out and enjoy my hair. I Love my hair and I can't wait for things to get back to normal.

  8. Ayanda Mlotshwa

    I love my hair. I believe that a queen isn't fully clothed without her crown & that's exactly how my hair feels. A little over a year ago, I cut my relaxed hair & went natural - I'm in love with it, I love the time I spent doing my hair & I'm learning to embrace the shrinkage. I'm 24 years old & I was the first person in my family to go natural & it was such a great experience in that I got to teach my younger cousins how it is to love yourself & your natural hair. So now they touch it all the time & they love my hair & they want their hair to be natural too. That for me has been the best experience I've had with my hair, when I inspire someone close to me to love themselves as they are & not conform to a certain standard of beauty which teaches us to hate who we naturally are. My mom, who is in her 50s, was also inspired to go natural. So I'm glad to be reaching people of all ages & teaching self love as I am learning to love my natural self too.

  9. Christina Sebueng,

    I love my hair, problem is I cant let it grow on its own as its too much maintenance so I braid it or relax it, but I want to keep it in its natural state (Afro) and I want a nice and soft afro so I have to get a good product like Dove that is infused with oils and i want a product I can use every day, i have a lot of dandruff :( . At the moment I use aloe and castor oil to try make it soft without relaxing just need a good shampoo and mask to nourish! win or not im getting this Dove range LOVE THE NEW TV AD speaks to my needs.

  10. My email is I use my hair to give expression to the situations I am going through. currently it is beautiful, wavy, voluminous and completely natural. Just like me. I am finally learning to embrace what I have and not conform to society and what they expect me or my hair to look like. It makes me happy.

  11. Mosa 7 years ago I got so tired of getting burnt from relaxer. To this day my scalp hasn't recovered from the damage. However growing it and caring for it has been such a learning curve. Last year I stopped going to the salon and taking care of my hair myself has made me love it and appreciate my own beauty so much. What was interesting also is the assumptions attached to my hair, for example how people just assume I'm a poet or artist because of its natural state. Haha However it is also tiring having to defend it in spaces such as Corporate SA because of people's misconceptions of it being untidy, unprofessional or ugly. But these are situations I'm learning daily to neither internalize nor excuse. My hair is a very big part of my politics.

  12. Nicole Dunn Email:
    My relationship with my hair has been, like many others in my life, tricky. I went from not paying much attention to it and it's needs, to wishing it were a different texture, to trying to find quick-fix solutions to all my hair problems, to doing what everyone else was doing, hoping it will work for me. I think I've finally figured it out though. All I have to do is, well, listen to what my hair is telling me and adapt my hair routine accordingly. Do I have it 100% figured out? No. I love my hair though. I am still always on the lookout for new products with good reviews to try out. Although this relationship still needs work, my hair and I are definitely at way better place than before.

  13. Tiisetso Gama I quickly learned very early in my healthy hair journey that my hair would flourish only if I empowered myself with the necessary info and had good hair practices in place that I needed to maintain. I went natural 2 years ago, after having problems with thinning edges, split ends and dry scalp. The process was tough, I became a product junkie, and tried too much too soon. Once I got the hang of things, my dull hair was revived. Now I have a healthy hair regimen and even make some home-made oil mixes for my pre-poo's. My 65 year old mom was even inspired to join in on the journey. However ever since my pregnancy recently, my hair is thinning and shedding. Winning this hamper will help me get my crown back to its former nubian glory so I can rock awesome styles for the workplace and after hours, being a example to my son on what a healthy hair journey can do.

  14. Since I decided to care for my own hair, I have been on a journey to get to know it better. The women in my family have never really been interested in hair care so I took it upon myself to learn and be the go-to person for my younger sisters, cousins and not yet born nieces. This was a challenge as I didn't have anyone close to me to guide me and back then, information was not so easily accessible. There simply was no Google, lol.

    I was raised with natural hair, but when my mother got tired of caring for it, she seeked "things" to make more manageable and softer, unknowingly causing damage to my precious tresses. That's when the beginning of the end started.

    After many trial & errors, product trials and hairstyle attempts, I am comfortable enough to say that I now know better and continue to learn about my hair. I share what works for me and try to educate the little ones that I am close to or anyone that is willing to listen.

  15. Ayanda Makhanya

    My short story:
    Growing up, I resorted to loosening my curl pattern and eventually completely relaxing it because of how difficult it was to maintain natural hair, I say "difficult" because 1. I wasn't well informed about natural hair care and 2. Products better suited for my natural hair were close to nowhere being found.

    While growing up I realized that my hair was not growing as long as I wanted it to grow while it was relaxed, which always frustrated me. I eventually went through a couple of set-backs and in 07 after one mayjor set-back I decided to cut my hair and started growing and taking care of it better and this is when I noticed a huge difference with its health and length, however I still continued to relax it and once again another set-back eventually occurred though it was after years of my hair being healthier than it's ever been.

    So last year in March I decided to play around with the idea of going natural and I decided to transition my hair instead of doing the big-chop. The two hair textures were extremely frustrating and I became friends with my scissors and kept trimming my hair every time I felt the need. Protective styling was also extremely helpful to combat the two textures, on the 1st of Jan this year I then decided to cut the remaining relaxed bits and a few days ago I finished my 1st year anniversary being natural. It's been a quite the journey rebuilding my love for natural hair and that came with patience, experimenting with products and consistency with my hair regimen. I'm still learning a lot about my hair but I can safely say I'm never relaxing my hair EVER AGAIN! I love what I see.

  16. I've BEEN waiting for your youtube channel ever since you announced on twitter a few months ago. I'll subscribe immediately. congrats to the winners.

    Mvumikazi ~ Urban Mnguni ~


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