Following The Baby Bump - Week 19 to 33

By . - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Ladies and gentleman, I do not take excessive pictures of myself, even in this very important state of being pregnant. This is why no one likes me on Instagram, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Luckily for you, I have been forced to take photos on a few occasions, and this is the only reason that I can prove on the internet that I am in fact heavily pregnant.
Without further ado, my pregnancy and my funny clothing choices...

19 Weeks & 5 Days Preggers
I've had this black dress for over a year now, and it's quite stretchy and accommodating for my pregnancy. If there is something business orientated and important that I need to attend, you'll most likely find me wearing this. The jersey is actual from the maternity section at Mr. Price in Sandton City. I actually do not know what makes it different from any other jersey one would buy.
19 Weeks & 5 Days Preggers
21 Weeks & 1 Day Preggers
None of these are maternity clothes either! The cardigan and dress are both from WoolWorth's from over a years ago. Maxi dresses are forgiving for all body types. Go and get you one and live your life!
21 Weeks & 2 Days (The very next day from the above picture)
I look MUCH smaller here and I'm still not wearing maternity clothes. The tank top is from about 10 years ago! The stretch skinny jeans are a size 34 and from Woolworth's. Takkies are from Pick n Pay Clothing. So incredibly comfy in this outfit!
21 Weeks & 2 Days
24 Weeks Preggers
I'm still pretty active with walking and hitting the gym lightly. This is a typical gym outfit for me. You might even find me in the supermarket dressed like this. I really don't stress myself. Again, my bump looks pretty small at this point.
24 Weeks Preggers
I don't know what I was talking about at this moment, but I clearly didn't know that baby daddy was snapping away...
29 Weeks & 1 Day Preggers
We were on our way to church this morning and I felt like wearing something bright, so I wrapped my hair up and threw on this dress. Again, this is an old maxi dress that still fits. No maternity clothes yet!
33 Weeks & 1 Day Preggers
Ok, I live in Woolworth's clothing. This is a blue shift dress with peek-a-boo detail at the cleavage and blue, white and black slip ons. I'm finally starting to gain noticeable weight and my nose is expanding at an incredible rate. I was so tired this Sunday but I got my butt up to attend church.
33 Weeks & 1 Day Preggers
I can't promise that I'll start dressing any better anytime soon. This is it! I will start taking more pictures as I quickly approach my delivery date. 7 more weeks until my angel face is in my arms...can't wait!

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  1. you looking good Kavuli!

    don't you hate how Edgars and Wollies don't have maternity ranges anymore? seems Mr price is the only one trying....

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yeah, it totally sucks that I have to go to boutiques if I want maternity clothes, but Mr. price has definitely helped a bit. I think it also helps that I have only gained in the stomach, so I can wear normal clothes for the most part. God is great!


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