Baby Buys: I'm in love with Peter Rabbit

By . - Monday, November 02, 2015

At the beginning of the season change from winter to summer, Woolworth's had some major sales. I decided to start buying some winter clothes for baby and Peter Rabbit themed clothing caught my eyes immediately. I'm a big fan of a neutral colours.

Here are the items I began with...

This is actually an overall set with a cute shirt to match.

This jersey could go over the the overall set for those very cold days

The warmest most snuggly outfit ever!

The best part is that I didn't pay full price for anything. Definitely consider buying your little ones clothes off season in order to save a few bucks. I bought these baby clothes in a size 3-6 months and up. I'm hoping my nunus gets good wear out of these, but one never knows with the way babies grow.

I have a lot more items that I'll be revealing periodically in order to get your ovaries screaming and your partners running. Stay tuned!!!

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