Manicure Monday: How to fix a broken nail at home!

By . - Monday, August 31, 2015

The initial reaction when I break a nail is to cry and moan about it. I know! It's just a nail, but my nails take forever to grow to an even and non-boyish looking length, so I usually moan until the feeling passes. Not to mention that it's hard to just file my nails to an even shape because my nails always break awkwardly. Well, I no longer cry or go running to my manicurist for a full set of acrylic nails, because I know how to fix my broken nails at home with a few things from my kitchen and bathroom cabinet. Go figure!

What You Will Need:

  • 1 Tea Bag
  • Nail File
  • Base Coat
  • Opaque Nail Colour

How to Fix Your Nail:

  1. To patch things up, pick up a nail file like essence studio nails file and remove any rough edges around the break.
  2. Follow with your favourite base coat. I love essence protecting base coat.
  3. Empty the tea bag, and use a pair of nail scissors to cut a strip large enough to cover the broken portion. 
  4. While the base coat is still slightly wet, press the strip of  tea bag paper over the split, and swipe two or three additional coats on top. 
  5. Allow the nail to dry, then conceal everything with an opaque nail colour like essence colour & go in nude it and you're done!

To find all my favourite essence nail products, visit your local drug store or Clicks Pharmacy.

Stay beautiful!

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