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"Hi Kavuli how are you?

I am interested in growing my hair and after 8yrs of relaxing i am thinking of gng au natural. At the moment it has been 8wks since my last retouch and i am not eager to retouch or go for a full on chop. Would braiding my hair help get back to natural and roughly how long does that take?

I am trying to garner as much info as i can before i commit so your advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Rue,

The simple and quick answer is yes! Braiding your hair is a great way to get through the transitioning period, provided that the braids are not too tight. You also must be very careful to moisturize and seal the hair daily. That fragile line of demarcation (the place where the relaxed hair meets the natural texture) is not a joke! You want to be sure not to handle it too much and keep it moist. I will be doing a post on this to answer this question in greater detail.

Thanks for the question!

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Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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