Transitioning Hair Week - Low Manipulation and Protective Styling

By . - Friday, July 18, 2014

One section of your hair is natural and the other is straight. How the heck are you going to look presentable walking out of the house? How are you going to look presentable without breaking your hair off? I've got the answer right here!

Low Manipulation Hairstyles

A low manipulation hair style is a style which once created requires  little to no maintenance throughout the week. Examples of this type of hairstyle are given below. To keep your style as stressless on your hair as possible, try to create thenm using finger combing. Keep the combing and brusing to a minimum. 
Cornrows... When created cornrows can left untouched so like braids they are classed as a low manipulation hair style.

Buns... The beauty of the bun is that your ends are hidden away so the is no chance of hair breaking it stays tucked away all day.

Rollers sets... A roller set, straw set, or flexirod set offers a different kind of low manipulation hairstyle. Those bouncy curls  formed by a fresh roller set can be easily  kept fresh for a week by covering your hair at night with a satin bonnet. In the morning you can do a little finger styling and go. If doing a roller set sounds like a good idea, but seems a little daunting or time consuming try doing  a ponytail roller set they are quicker and easier.

Roller-less hair sets... These are hairstyles that are created by cornrowing, twisting, or plaiting the hairwhilst it is wet or damp and allowing it to completely dry then unloosening it to create wavy/curly hair. You can use a hood dryer or allow hair to dry naturally.

Chiney bumps/Bantu knot...This style is best created on hair that is damp, but can work very successfully on dry hair. Using finger combing to form the bumps/knots makes this a very low manipulative style. Again at night this style can be maintained with out re-doing the knots by covering your hairwith a satin cap and or sleeping on a silky pillow. Doing this will reduce overall the manipulation of your hair throughout the week. How ever if needed re-do the bumps/knots nightly.

Protective Hairstyles

Protective styles are ones that don’t consist of most, if not all, of the hair being worn loose. Wearing the hair in a protective style requires that the ends, the oldest and most fragile part of the, are usually tucked away and sealed with some kind of moisturizer.



Extension Braids

Be sure to only keep this hairstyles in for 8 weeks max. Remove them and give your hair a 2 week break before going into another hairstyle.

Have a Good Hair Day and remember to Love Your Hair!!!

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