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By . - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

By: Jennice Powell of Mommy In Color

For those of you who may not know, Miss Jessie's brand has become a BIG deal in the natural hair community.Their products are geared toward giving you that perfect curl using minimum products to achieve it, and they are getting ready to premiere a product geared toward transitioners who are not ready to BC. They also have a salon right here in New York City. Lots of pluses so far, right?

What I like right away was the confidence the product has. I've never seen a product with so much...attitude.The tagline is "THE BEST DARN CURL CREMES PERIOD". How could you not love that? The Curly Meringue is pretty expensive, t retails for $38.00 (R380.00) for a 16oz jar. I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw okay? Good. I've never purchased a hair product that expensive, but for the sake of natural hair (and my junkie habit), I had to get it.

I decided to try it on Bubba's hair first.I really hate using hair gel to control her frizz and one of the benefits of the curly meringue boasts is frizz control. I did Bubba's hair in a couple of ponytails and sent her to school. When she returned home,I expected her head to look like the jungle gym at her school fell on her. It looked just as sleek as that morning! I was very impressed. Not even hair gel can hold a style in her head for an entire school day.

The real challenge for the Curly Meringue would be MY twist out. Usually my twist out is losing its curl by the second day(and that's whether or not I've taken out the twists). I want a really defined curl and Miss Jessie's promises defined and voluminous curls. I don't think I got that. I used the meringue on top of my L.OC. products,so maybe I should have used it alone. The frizz control was great though. 

Parts of my hair were left feeling a little crunchy, but to be fair I was heavy handed with the product where I felt I needed to be. There was no flaking which can make my twists look like I haven't washed them. The smell is great as well. It smells like banana and coconut. On a scale of 1-5, I'll give it a 4.The price makes me want to stay away but the junkie in me would definitely buy it again.

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  1. I no matter how good it is, that is an overprice. It is basicallly using the natural hair movement and robbing them of Money. If that Product not is fair trade, organic and sending half their profit to Charity, I cant understand how they can charge such a price.

    How can afford using that on a Daily basis? Just imagine shipping cost on top of that? Might be ever so nice but the price turns me off totally.

  2. I love your in-depth review of this product. I thought the price was high, and without a review like yours, I would have never thought about buying it. But after reading through this, I feel compelled to test this product out myself.

    You said the junkie would make you buy it again, how long would you wait to purchase it again, would you use it like every day, or just occasionally? Because even though it does sound like it gets the job done, I'm not sure if paying that much for everyday use would be worth it in the long run?

    1. I'd probably only purchase it once a month,maybe once every two months.

  3. Hi, I like your blog and enjoy the fact that you review alot of the new products entering the market. I personally would not spend that amount of money on a single product but nevertheless I enjoy the reviews. Keep up the good work.


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