L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute is set to open in Joburg!!!

By . - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Would you like to be a professional hairstylist? If so, the good news is that the L’Oréal Professional African Salon Institute is set to open in Joburg’s trendy Braamfontein in the last quarter of 2013.
The institute will be part of a global network of L’Oréal training institutes and the first of its kind in Africa.
‘Many hairstylists in South Africa are self-taught, so there’s a need for more professionally trained hairstylists in the industry,’ says L’Oréal Professional Products Division general manager, Jane Maclaren-Taylor.
The training centre aims to address job shortages and a lack of financial means for education by offering a flexible approach to training at an affordable rate.
The full-time programme will be conducted over eight months with classes scheduled for three-and-a-half hours in the morning or afternoon, Tuesday to Friday. The part-time programme will be conducted over 16 months with classes scheduled from 9am to 5pm on a Monday or Saturday.
Both full-time and part-time courses comprise a theory phase and a practical component. The course covers subjects such as cut, colour, styling, treatment and salon-management skills.
Successful graduates will be assisted in finding job opportunities in salons or in establishing their own salons.
How much does it cost? You pay a registration fee of R1 500.
The full-time programme is R30 438, payable at R3 617.25 per month. The part-time programme is R32 490, payable at R1 936.88 per month.
Find out more: lorealinstitute.co.za

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  1. Replies
    1. That's a good question, Lisa. Never thought about being a professional hair stylist. Don't know if I have time for that with a family and all.

  2. According to the info it was only one or two days s week. And you can do it while hubby and kids are in school or at work.

    Just thought you seem so intereted in hair and have so Much knowledge already. Jo burg definately needs a healthy hair salong!

    1. That's very true (although we don't have children yet, just our 1 year old pittbull) but my other dillema is that I live in Cape Town and the course is in Jo'burg. It would require me to either uproot my family or leave my husband for 8 months.

      It's definitely something to think about :)

  3. Hmm...I wonder if they'll cover a. Natural haircare b. Braids c. Locks d. Styling freeflowing natural hair aka afros eg straw curls etc or if it's just one of those "relax, weave or plait" kind of training institutions. Hair care colleges have come and gone but I'm yet to see a hairstylist that doesn't go naar on the face each time a customer rocks up with a head full of naps

  4. i wonder if they'll need models. I once a hair model for Schwarzkopf, they used Mizani an my hair was bouncy and flowy, not sticking to my head as most relaxers come out, they took my number and even asked about my height,this was four months ago but since about a month my phone number has not been in working order so I do not know if they called me or not and I did not get their details :(


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