Deep Conditioning Your Hair & Extensions - Day 7

By . - Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am a firm believer in deep conditioning. It's something that I am sure to do to my natural hair weekly, and now that I am rocking a weave for the 6 Week Sew-In Weave Protective Style Challenge sponsored by Demi Godess, I will be deep conditioning my weave as well. Many people are surprised that this is something that I encourage. The fact of the matter is that your weave should be treated as well as your natural hair in order to keep it soft and 'healthy'.

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I am rocking the Demi Godess Natural Wave Mongolian Hair, so I make sure to use hair products that protect and revive the curl. If your weave is straight or tightly curled, you want to make sure that you use hair specific products to treat and revive your hair.

My Deep Conditioner of Choice

Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturizing Conditioner is my #1 choice for the type of hair that I am wearing, not to mention that my natural hair is also curly and benefiting from this product.

My #2 choice for a deep conditioner would be the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Masque Intense Treatment For Heat and Color Damaged Hair. It's extremely moisturizing while strengthening the hair at the same time. My hair loves this stuff!

How I Deep Condition

1. After Shampooing with a Sulfate Free Shampoo, I squeeze as much excess water out of my hair and weave in the shower.

2. I grab a generous amount of conditioner in the palm of my hand and spread through my natural hair first.

3. I then grab another generous amount of conditioner and spread from root to tip of my sew-in weave. I pay extra attention the the ends of the hair that take a major beating.

4. I cover my whole head with a conditioning cap, cling wrap or a plastic bag if that's what is available.

5. I sit under a *hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes

* If you don't have a hooded dryer, grab a towel, dip it in hot water, wring the towel out and wrap your head with it. This will suffice and help the conditioner to penetrate adequately

6. The conditioner out and style hair as usual

How Often I Deep Condition

I am sure to deep condition once per week, but if I have been particularly rough with my hair (massive amount of heat styling), I will deep condition up to twice in one week. It is a time consuming process and should only be done when you have time.

How do you deep condition your hair while in a sew-in weave? Let us know in the comment section below.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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