The L.O.C. Method - Moisturizing Hair Properly

By . - Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What is the L.O.C Method?
L – Liquid
O – Oil
C – Crème

Good old moisturizing and sealing is just not cutting it for a good number of kinky, curly and wavy people out there. The L.O.C. Method is a fairly new way of locking moisture into the hair for a longer period of time. You basically apply a liquid to the hair first and seal it in with a natural oil of your choice. The new step is sealing the oil in with a water based moisturizing crème to keep the hair soft and moist for longer period of time.

  What liquid should I use?
The best moisturizing liquid to use on the hair is water. Nothing beats good old H2O! Using plain old water means that you can start The L.O.C. Method straight after washing and conditioning your hair. If you’re not someone who washes or co-washes their hair several times a week, you may decide to use a braid spray or a water based liquid leave in conditioner as your liquid option.

  What oil is best to seal the liquid in?
You can go right ahead and use the same oils you’ve been using to seal in your moisture in the past. My favourites are still coconut oil, castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Whatever you use, be sure it’s a natural oil that is able to penetrate the hair shaft in order to nourish the hair.

What sort of crème based moisturizer should be used?
I’m a big fan of water based crème moisturizers. I use quite a few in my regimen. Here are a list of my favourites.
  • JO’M Moisturiser Cream (Available in SA at CLICKS)
  • JO’M Dreadlocks Oil Cream (Available in SA at CLICKS)
  • Organics by Africa’s Best Carrot Oil Cream (Available in SA at DisChem)
  • PROFECTIVE Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthener Crème (Available in SA at DisChem)
  • ORS HAIRepair Anti-Breakage Crème (Available in SA at CLICKS)
  • ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Crème (Available in SA at CLICKS)
  • ORS Hair Fertilizer (Available in SA at CLICKS)

Will you be jumping on The L.O.C. Method wagon the next time you decide to moisturize your hair?

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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  1. hi! I made my on spray with water, olive, castor and coconut oil. Is it too much or ok?

  2. Hi! I just wanted to highlight the fact that you definitely have made a very nice looking resource. I also wanted to ask you something considering your blog. Do you take into considerations writing in a professional way or owning a blog is a kind of hobby?

    1. Hi, thanks for your question. I do take considerations in writing professionally. Good Hair Diaries is not a hobby at all. It's a resource that I have created in order for men and women to learn to love the hair they were born with.


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