Fitness: Working Out With Natural Hair

By . - Saturday, May 05, 2012


You recently decided to take responsibility for your health and start working out. But giiiiirl....what about your hair? You worked so hard to maintain your natural hair. I mean it's no small feat achieving 3 and 4 day hairstyles. Don't fret my pet! I'm going to give you a couple of tips that could save your luscious coils and encourage you to continue getting your body right.

1. The Pineapple is your best friend

Wearing your hair up in a pineapple means that you can still preserve those precious braid-outs, knot-outs, twists and roller-sets that take a few hours to achieve. The curls will still be maintained through the length of the hair. Tie a satin scarf around your edges and place a sweat band around that. Your edges will lay down and you can fluff the rest of your hair and go.

2. Freshen up your scalp

Who has time to co-wash after every single work out? I know I don't. If you sweat profusely or just don't feel comfortable working out and not washing your hair try an astringent. Hit up your local health food store and ask for a natural astringent. Soak a cotton ball with the astringent and wipe just your scalp with it. Be sure to follow up with your favorite natural oil on the scalp to prevent a tight and dry scalp. This should keep you fresh and clean until your next wash day.

3. Rock a bun!

It's pretty cold in my part of the world at the moment. Cold weather always means protective styling time for me. Why not rock a bun during your workout? It can be a high, medium or low bun, and you can still use the silk scarf for your edges and the sweat band on top of that. Want an added benefit to your hair? Consider baggying your ends while in the bun. The ends of your hair will be happy and moisturized while your body gets tight and sexy.

4. Make a workout schedule

I know it seams like a no brainer but it must be said. If your doing cardio 2 to 3 times a week, then make sure it coincides with your co-washing days. You can weight train or rest for the remaining days, and you shouldn't be sweating too much, so washing your hair is unnecessary.

As always remember that every head of curls is not the same. Listen to your own hair and make an educated decision. Try not to allow your hair to rule your life, and remember to have fun!

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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