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By . - Monday, April 30, 2012

This month I present to you Ms. Eda Rose. She has a beautiful head of naturally curly hair to go with a face fit for a baby doll. While holding down approximately 5 different jobs, she took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Good Hair Diaries about her hair, her life and her goals. Check out the interview and get to know Eda a bit better.


Kavuli Nyali-BinaseHi, Eda! Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with Good Hair Diaries. How are you?

Eda RoseNo worries, I'm well! How are you?

KNB –  I’m great, thank you. Eda, if my information serves me correctly, you are half Italian and half Xhosa. What was life like growing up as a mixed race child?

ER –Yes, I am mixed race and growing up this way was amazing and diverse! I learned a lot from both different cultures, and I guess both made me who I am today-so I'm happy!

KNB - Which languages did you learn first and why?

ER - I learnt English first as that was the only language that my parents communicated in. 

KNBTell us about your hair. What was your hair like as a child and how has it changed now that you are a young adult?

ERShem, my hair was a bush growing up! My mother would plait it often so as to make it more manageable. As a young adult, I started disliking my own hair and therefore resulted to wearing a lot weaves ( lots of colours and lengths).

KNBSo I guess you went through a time where you begged your parents to straighten or relax your hair?

ER - Most times, I never understood how to handle my curls so relaxing and straightening my hair was a regular.

KNBWho taught you how to care for your hair if at all? Do you have a hair regimen? If so, let us know what it is.

ERI think both my parents were unsure of how to handle my hair so as for a regimen-there's was none for the longest time. I just used to wash and go! I use to relax my hair sometimes and put all strange lotions in it!

KNBTell us what “Good Hair” means to you.

ERHealthy looking, natural elasticity/bounce of the hair strand and just comfort is good hair for me.  

KNBWhat do you hear guys around you saying about natural hair, relaxed hair and weaved hair?

ERThey say they love natural looking hair, hate weaves cause they can't run their hands in them and don't mind relaxed hair that much however it does look lifeless at times. 

KNBHow do guys usually respond to the way you rock your hair?

ER -They totally go gaga over my bush-lol. I love it :) They always ask to touch it and then get the shock of their life when it's soft like cotton wool.

KNBIs it true that you are a singer/songwriter, actress, shoe designer,  model and entrepreneur? If so, you’re a busy woman! If you had to choose just one to pursue for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

ERYou missed out entertainer-that's what I would go with. I'm here to entertain with all my talents!

KNBBut you’re not just a pretty face. I hear you have a 3 year degree. What did you study?

ERI have a degree in accounting and finance honours.

KNBWill you ever pursue a career with that degree?

ER -Maybe one day if I take over my father's company which deals with constructing power-lines. There is a lot of numbers there besides constructing.

KNBCongratulations on being a Semi Finalist for Miss Earth South Africa 2011! What made you enter and what would it mean to become Miss Earth South Africa?

ERThank you! I've always had a dream of winning a pageant and since honestly I am too short to enter any of the others, I figured why not go green while being a figure of beauty and brains with a pageant that doesn't care about your height? To win the pageant would have meant that I love and respect the Earth so much that I went on to become  a symbol of it to many others.

KNBEveryone knows that it’s no easy task breaking into the media industry. Has it been hard doing everything you want to do while rocking your natural hair?

ERAbsolutely not! If anything, going natural actually made me grab much more attention as the media industry is full of weaves and fake hair!

KNBDo you see yourself ever rocking a long weave again?

ERWell not anytime soon to be honest, I wouldn't mind singles or cornrows but I can't stand the itchiness and heat contained in a weave!

KNBYou recently left YFM “Flava in Da Mornin”... Why? What’s the next move for Eda?

ERI left to focus on my shoe line, to get more acting gigs, my music and my own radio show-cause being a co-host and main host are very different things and I don't want to remain a co-host forever. I figured why not go host my own show once a week and then build the rest of my talents with the remaining time.

KNBEda, you’re a young woman trying to make her way in a very cut throat industry. How do you choose to deal with haters and trolls? Do you ignore them? Do you feed the fuel? What’s your method to this madness?

ERGirl I pray! I pray every day and I just build a thick skin and keep going! I try not to pay attention to those who don't wish me well and focus on those who do! And there are a lot of those who care so it makes my experience easier. 

KNBWhere is your safe place? Where can you go to always be yourself and never have to worry about being judged?

ERBesides home, anywhere really where I travel outside of Johannesburg! So Hartees to Durban even further like London.

KNB – What do you want to say to the little mixed race curly haired girl struggling with the hair on her head? Give her some words of encouragement.

ER –Condition! Comb out your curls only when your hair’s wet and then let it air dry! You can also put on some leave in detangler or leave in conditioner but make sure its not heavy for the hair.

KNB –  Lastly, if your hair had a voice, who would it sound like and what would it say?

ER – It would sound like Diana Ross-and it would be saying "Up and down, girl your turning me! Inside out, use what your momma gave yah! lol 

Thank you, Eda for a fun and interesting interview!

Do you want to hear more from Eda? 

Check her out on TransAfrica Radio “The Sweet Escape with Eda Rose” on Wednesday’s from 3 to 6pm. Available online at www.transafricaradio.net or on DSTV audio bouquet channel 172.

 Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.... @EdaRoseOfficial
Or join her page on facebook... @www.facebook.com/edaroseofficial

The Eda Rose Shoe Collection is available at Si Belle in Morningside Shopping Centre and also at sashoeorder@gmail.com for home delivery.

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  1. I think you should of asked her more questions on her childhood experience , High School and Primary her qualifications , the best places she recommends are great hang out spots and less questions on her hiair .The whole interview was on her hair.


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