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By . - Thursday, May 14, 2015

“ Hello,

Discovered your blog yesterday, it made me reaffirm my decision to go natural. I’ve been contemplating chopping my relaxed hair and going natural for a year, and I finally decided to go do it during these Easter holidays. My concern is that my hair is really, really tightly curled, but I want to have the loose curl effect? How can I do that without using any texturizers? Also, my afro is still short, and short hair really doesn’t suit me; what hair fibre can I use to do twists that look like the natural twists, while I let my hair grow out? ( I used the coconut oil on my hair yesterday, I could even comb through my natural hair.)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Boipelo!

Congratulations on your choice of going natural! It can be a very rewarding experience. Since you say that your hair is still very short, I would just experiment with leaving different types of conditioners in your hair to see how your curls respond. Also, you may want to try some of the curl activator gels on the market. They may help you achieve the look you are going for. I really do think that you need to give yourself more time to discover your curl pattern and embrace it. I wouldn’t be so quick to control the curls just yet.

I think you may be referring to kinky twists. You should be able to find this kind of kinky hair at .

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