How to blow out your hair (correctly)

By . - Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Blow Dry Hair Step By Step

The secret to getting a smooth, frizz free finish when you blow dry hair is keeping it moisturized and making sure it dries completely.

What You Need

Blow Dryer (w/ concentrator nozzle)
4 -6 Large Hair Clips
Wide Tooth Comb
Paddle Brush
Leave-in Conditioner
Heat Protectant
Hair Serum

Step 1
  • Shampoo, deep condition and use leave-in conditioner then apply a good heat protectant to create a barrier between your hair and the heat from the blow dryer.

Step 2
  • Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb your hair from the ends up to the roots.

Step 3
  • Part your hair into 4-6 sections (depending on your hair’s thickness) and clip them up and away.

Step 4
  • Using medium heat, hold the blow dryer 6-8 inches away from your hair and gently comb through with your fingers until it is about 80% dry.

Step 5
  • Apply a light coating of hair serum to the section. Use a large paddle brush to slowly brush the hair from underneath while pointing the concentrator nozzle downwards. Finish off the section of hair with a shoot of cool air to seal cuticle.

Step 6
  • Keep going through your hair section by section, moving from back to front till the entire head is done.

Step 7
  • Finish by spraying a little oil sheen lightly over the hair (if you are going to flat iron, do this step when you're finished).

Tips For Getting An Extra Smooth Finish

  1. Direct the heat down the hair shaft. Doing this seals the cuticle of the hair and gives it sheen.
  2. Work from back to front. Drying hair in sections ensures that it’s dried properly, is easier and guarantees zero frizzes.
  3. Never use the highest heat setting. That singes your hair, dries it out and leaves it prone to breakage. Low to medium heat is much healthier.
  4. Keep the blow dryer moving so your hair doesn't overheat and "burn".
  5. Never ever blow dry hair your hair when it's dirty. That's the fastest way to damage your hair.
  6. Always use a heat protector before you blow dry. It's like extra insurance for your hair when if you use it with a good leave in conditioner. Your hair's strength depends on it!
  7. Never blow dry your hair with a brush attachment. They have hard plastic bristles that chew your hair up big time.
  8. Use a concentrator nozzle and a paddle brush to get your hair sleek and smooth.

Have a Good Hair Day!!!

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