Healthy Hair Story - Meet Stephanie Matthews

By . - Thursday, February 10, 2011

Name: Stephanie Matthews

Age: 26

Hair type: Curly/fluffy 

When did you start your healthy hair journey?: My last relaxer was November 2004 (after 13 years of relaxing) and I did the big chop in May 2005.

To big chop or not to big chop? That is the question: It was kind of an impulsive move for me... I really didn't wear a protective or transitional hairstyle, I just continued to straighten my hair with a flat iron as it grew out. One day I noticed just how thin my hair had gotten from using the flat iron every day, and I got fed up. I washed my hair so I could see where the new growth was, took a pair of scissors and cut it all off myself in one night. It was an amazing feeling to free myself from the chemicals. I think that chopping is better in the long run, it's so freeing and prevents a lot of the damage/breakage that comes with wearing a transitional hairstyle for too long. The big chop gives your hair time to get used to itself as it's growing out.

What is your protective hairstyle of choice?: I'm growing out a short haircut and the sides are a weird length, so I usually wear it either in a frohawk or afro puff and almost never put heat on it.

Favorite hair product and why: When it comes to hair products my MO is 'keep it simple'. I use natural baby shampoo about once a week to cleanse. On the daily I use Avalon Organics Olive & Grapeseed Moisturizing Conditioner ( to comb through my hair in the shower. It's really moisturizing which is great during the winter months, but it's too thick for styling so I rinse it out and follow up by styling my hair with DevaCurl One Condition ( Then I air dry. At night I usually rub some jojoba oil through it and wrap it up with a scarf. So I guess my favorite is all of the above, lol.

Finish this sentence: My hair is at it's happiest when... it's well-moisturized, flying free and styled with love :)

What does 'Good Hair' mean to you?: Owning and loving your hair and taking good care of it in it's natural state. Your hair is as unique as a finger print... no one else in the world has hair like yours. Be proud of it and treat it with love and respect!

Stephanie, you and your hair are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your story with the community. All the best of luck in your healthy hair journey!

Check Stephanie out on Colorful Rambunction as she unleashes her creativity to the world.

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