Natural Hair Story - Meet Damaly Ferreira

By . - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Name: Damaly Ferreira

Age Range: 20 years old

Hair Type: Mostly 3C and 4A/4B in the crown with F/Wiry hair and thick density

When did you start your healthy hair journey?: After a year of blow drying then flat ironing several time during the week my hair was a limp mess. After barely using heat for about a year my hair was big, full and healthy. I decided that now that my hair was healthy I could begin a length challenge and this started in September 2010. I trimmed off all the single-stranded knots and started at full shoulder length. 

To big chop or not to big chop? That is the question: I didn't big chop. My mother would've probably killed me! LOL. I did a long term transition for about a year and a half and that brought me to shoulder length.

What is your protective hairstyle of choice?: I love doing up-dos with loose twists or braids.

Favorite hair product and why: Water is the BEST moisturizer for me!

Finish this sentence: My hair is at it's happest's moisturized and left out and free. It loves to let loose!

What does 'Good Hair ' mean to you?: Good hair is healthy hair. That's it. No hair texture is better than another. 1a or 4c damaged  hair can never be good hair in my eyes because its not healthy and it's the same for any other hair type.

What a gorgeous head of hair, Damaly! Good luck on your future healthy hair journey, and thank you for encouraging the community.

Have a Good Hair Day!

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