Celebration: International Children's Book Day 2022

By . - Saturday, April 02, 2022


2 April is International Children's Book Day, a time to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children's books. Today, I would like to highlight a few children's books about celebrating Black Afro-textured hair. Help your children love to read by picking up one or more of these books today!

by Zukiswa Wanner  

Refilwe, Refilwe, let down your locks, So I can climb the scraggy rocks! In a cave high up on a craggy cliff, beautiful Refilwe is allowed to see no one but the witch who locked her away. One day, Prince Tumi hears Refilwe singing as he is riding his horse near her cave so he searches for the owner of the magical voice. Will Refilwe ever be free from the evil witch? Will she ever find true love? An African retelling of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel, by one of our best-loved authors, Zukiswa Wanner, with magical illustrations by Tamsin Hinrichsen will keep all children entranced and grow a love of reading. Read aloud, read together, read alone, read forever!

My Coily Crowny Hair
by Zulaikah Patel

Inspired by Mama, Gogo, and the African queen, Lisakhanya is proud of her natural hair that grows up towards the sun like a summer sunflower. She calls it her COILY, CROWNY HAIR.
Just like Lisakhanya, you too can love and be proud of your beautiful hair.
You can

I Have Brown Skin and Curl Hair
by Karen Theunissen

Everyone in this family looks different. Dad is tall and dark. Mum has light brown hair with green eyes. Some of the children have straight hair; others have curls. People regard them curiously until, one day, one of the children musters the courage to speak up proudly about her identity after she learns where she comes from and why she looks different.

by Sihle Nontshokweni

Meet Wanda with her beautiful head of hair. She is brave and strong, but she's unhappy because of the endless teasing by the boys at school. After a particularly hard day at school, feeling confused, forlorn, and hopeless, Wanda's grandmother lets her in on a few secrets. Through these hair secrets and stories, she finds the courage to face her fears and realize that her hair is a crown and something to be proud of. This book stands at the intersection of identity and beauty, celebrating how cultural pride is learned and passed on over the generations. This book encourages young children to love themselves for what they are born with, despite what society may say or think.

Mpumi's Magic Beads
by Lebohang Masango & Masego Morulane

The beads jingle and jangle and sparkle. The girls giggle with glee! Mpumi and her friends discover magic in her hair and what begins as an ordinary school day in Joburg is suddenly full of adventure everywhere! Mpumi's Magic Beads is a delightful story about friendship, self-esteem, discovery, and beautiful hair in the big city of Joburg. It follows the sudden adventures of Mpumi, Asante, and Tshiamo as they see the world around them from new heights and realize all of the fun waiting to be discovered outside of their classroom.

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