The Millennial Mom - Her Journey with Maintenance Court in South Africa Part 3

By . - Monday, April 12, 2021

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Before you watch this video, be sure to watch part 1 here.

It's no secret that we have an alarming number of women who are single mothers in South Africa by no choice of their own. For whatever reason, their former partners have chosen not to acknowledge their children, and in most cases, they don't bother to maintain the children financially. In these instances, some women put on their big girl panties and match their butts to maintenance court. That is exactly what Mandy Ndlangisa, creator of The Millennial Mom's YouTube Channel, decided to do and she was gracious enough to document the journey letting us into such a personal space. Watch part 3 of her maintenance court journey.

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Welcome to my channel, this is a parenting and lifestyle channel, run by a single mom and journalist. I created millennial moms to share real-life stories on being a young parent. I’m a self-described ambivert on a mission to elevate the voices of young mothers everywhere.

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