Trimming Natural Hair

By . - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Many persons think that because you have gone natural, trimming your ends isn’t that important. Trimming natural hair is an important step in a healthy hair regimen. There are several factors in your everyday lives, such as manipulation, weather and rubbing across certain materials that leads up to needing a trim. Whether you do it on your own or leave it to the pros, below are five signs that indicate you need to trim your natural hair.
Split and Frayed Ends
Split and frayed ends can be visibly seen (and felt) when washing, doing a twist-out or braid-out. Not only do they look damaged, but split ends can also lead to breakage and stunted growth. If you are someone that is serious about your hair journey, learn to “listen to your hair” and get a trim when you begin to see or feel those split ends.
Single Strand Knots
Single strand knots are a process where the stands of your hair essentially tie around each other causing a knot. There is also the possibility of your hair becoming more difficult to detangle when washing. If you’re experiencing this, get those sheers or make an appointment with your stylist as soon as possible. To avoid single strand knots, wear stretched and protective styles.
Lack of Volume
Look at some pictures. If your hair has been looking limp, that is a clear sign a trim is needed. Again, it’s all about paying attention to your hair.
Uneven Layers
Growing out a tapered cut or bob? Sometimes the back and sides of our hair grow at different paces. In order to get a uniform look during the grow-out phase, make an appointment with your stylist to get a nice shape.
You Can’t Remember Your Last Trim
Just like scheduling appointments for the doctor and dentist, trimming natural hair should be a seasonal routine. Two or three times a year should be enough. If you can’t remember the last time you trimmed your hair, the time is NOW. Try to keep a journal or put a reminder in your calendar for trim schedules so you don’t forget.
So remember, listen to your hair and you will be happy.

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