3 Ways to Practice Self-Care

By . - Wednesday, December 12, 2018

You have a million things to do with the list becoming longer and longer by the minute. In addition to work, the gym, the kids, all of the kids’ activities (homework, after-school programs, sports practice), the spouse, mom, and dad, etc., you have very little time for yourself.
But you understand that you are no good to anyone or anything without proper self-care. Here are three ways to start.

1) Learn the power of saying “No.”
They say that many people won’t remember all of the times you were there for them when you finally decide to tell them “No.” But they don’t need to remember as long as you do. Realize that you are not Superwoman, no matter how much you may pride yourself on being available for everyone and everything. The truth is that it is perfectly fine to skip that BBQ or school activity, especially since you’ve been to the last 99. Saying “no” to others mean you are saying “yes” to yourself.
2) Prioritize yourself.
Yes, the kids, the spouse, work, mom and dad should be a priority, but you need to be No. 1 on your to-do list. Do not become so enthralled in having something to do for others to the point where you are consciously and very regularly neglecting yourself. I don’t care if all you want to do is walk around in your PJs all day and watch cheesy daytime television reruns. Do it. It will assist you in maintaining your sanity.
3) Understand the importance or recharging.
A car may get you to your destination on a quarter of a tank, but you certainly will be limited to how fast you go, and depending on the severity of your gas tank by the time you arrive, you run the risk of messing up the vehicle’s fuel system. Running on empty isn’t for anyone. When you understand that you are more valuable and productive when operated on full energy, you will then prioritize feeling this way. Yes, we can get a lot done while running on fumes, but who wants to do that? That’s how you secure an early grave.
Being there for everyone makes us feel needed, dependable and loved. But it’s best to be there for YOU before anyone.

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