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By . - Thursday, January 11, 2018

I have a lot of luxury body-care products in my home, and I love them very much ( I love you La Mer) but they are really expensive to purchase on a regular basis. There are times where I reach for my tried and true body products that are resonable in price and easy to access.

Deeply Nourishing
Beauty Shower Cream
As far as I'm concerned, Dove body washes are the most gentle and skin moisturizing cleansers on the market. I grew up with the beauty bars, and now that I'm a grown woman, I've transitioned to the body washes. 

Winter or summer this is in the shower.

Dove Intensive
Nourishment Body Lotion
I actually keep this exact bottle in my night stand by the bed. Sometimes your legs or arms will feel dry before bed, and it's so easy for me to squeeze a dollop of cream into the palm of my hand and give my skin a touch of moisture. Excellent stuff!


From left to right: Lightly Fragranced Cream, Cocoa Glow Cream, Dry Skin Repair Cream, Aloe Soothe Cream, Fragrance Free

I've used all of these creams and their all really great, but my current favorites are the dry skin repair, aloe soothe and cocoa glow. I love to use these creams right after a shower or bath when my skin is still damp. The thick cream locks in the moisture and leaves my skin shiny, soft and supple.

Healthy Hand and Nail Lotion
If you don't have a good hand cream in your hand bag then you don't know what you're missing. All the washing of your hands that you should be doing throughout the day will leave your hand, nails and cuticles looking and feeling crusty. This this Vitamin E containing hand cream sorts your dry situation out very quickly. Thank me

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