Minding Your Own Business in 2018

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“In general, I have a strong affinity for minding my own business. It has kept me out of much trouble and eliminated massive amounts of stress. This has worked for me in most aspects of life, including work. I highly recommend it, especially when people try to insert themselves into mine.” — An excerpt from Stories of Professional Shade & Coping With Workplace Bullsh!t

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard work. Mental chaos is a sure fire way to get burned out, and that’s before any of the physical labor has begun. The energy we give to problems that aren’t our own is wasted essentially. You’ll be amazed at how much free headspace you have once you let go of things that aren’t your business.

Here are some ways to ensure you’re minding your own business and giving energy to the right things!

Let Go of Gossip

It can seem impossible to truly mind our own business. There’s a whirlwind of gossip surrounding us every day. Even when it’s not about people we know personally, there are always elements of others’ personal lives within earshot. Think about it. Everything mainstream media, entertainment especially, is about other people’s business. There isn’t much we can do about this on a global scale, but it’s not hard to do our part.
Try to avoid engaging in conversations which focus on discussing other people. This is so important because when discussing other people, it’s barely ever just recounting facts. The discussion quickly turns to critique and judgment for the most part.
The fact is we are all just trying to get through life and find our own version of happiness. That’s right! The means to happiness and definition of success are different for everyone. Let them live their lives and concentrate on living yours to the fullest.
Goal: Talk less about other people and more about your products and services.

Stop Investing in People’s Problems

The second way to mind your own business is to worry about yourself and let people do the same. We often feel emotionally obligated to people because of our relationships with them. We have a tendency to meet our loved ones halfway in their suffering. It feels like the thing we should do as friends, but it can be dangerous.
Setting boundaries is imperative. Make the distinction between concern for your loved ones, and fully investing in their drama. Learn how to be supportive without deep diving, head first into anyone’s issues.
No matter how great of a friend you are, it is not your responsibility to bear the burdens of those around you. It is OK to take a step back while learning how to be set these boundaries. If your loved ones care about your wellbeing, as you do you theirs, they’ll understand [and support] this need for separation.
You can be the listening ear they need as long as it isn’t affecting you negatively. Redirecting conversations without being dismissive is another great way to protect your energy, but this can take some practice.
There are more than enough problems to solve when you’re working toward your goals. You don’t need any extras.
Goal:  Come up with solutions for yourself instead of playing Ms. Fixit for everyone else.

Stop Competing in the Struggle Olympics

Another good way to mind your business is to stop going through life as though it’s the struggle Olympics. There is a lot of truth to the proverb misery loves company. Sometimes it makes us feel better to know we’re not dealing with our woes in isolation. We search for shared experiences every once in a while for reassurance. The problems arise when we start to compare our struggles because judgment isn’t far behind.
Stop comparing shortcomings. It’s important not to delight in people’s failures, whether it’s an attempt to feel better or be critical of ourselves. No matter how much life feels like a competition, be assured that it isn’t.
In reality, we tend to focus on others to avoid dealing with our own responsibilities. That’s a habit we need to nip in the bud ASAP. It will help us be better bosses for sure, but also better people.
Goal:  Focus on shining brightly by your own merits.
Dimming someone else’s light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

Stay Present

When we are constantly meddling in other people’s business, we miss out on the details of our own lives. Attention to detail is a great skill and can get you ahead in business.
Worrying is one of the ways that we fail to stay present. When we are bogged down with the anxiety of all of the “what ifs” we rob ourselves of the moment. And the present moment isn’t guaranteed to be pleasant, but when we face it head on we can better work through it.
Shifting your focus to what stands immediately between you and your goals will help you be more efficient. Ask yourself what needs to be done to get from point A to point B.
Goals: What can you do in the here and now to set this in motion? Work on that.
“You would be very surprised by how many positive changes you could make in your life, if you could make it your top priority to mind your own business.” – Edmond Mbiaka
There are many great reasons to mind our own business. We’re all works in progress and can stand much improvement within our OWN situations. We need to worry about ourselves. That’s not to suggest that we should be completely self-absorbed, but we should spend less time in dealings that don’t involve us.
If it doesn’t help you grow or enrich your life in some way, it’s not worth it.
Give it a try! Don’t you feel better now that you’ve freed up some mental space? Use your energy to go after your BossBabe goals! We believe in you! source

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