The Dangers of Delayed Sun Damage

By . - Friday, July 22, 2016

"Black don't crack!"

"Black skin doesn't get sunburned."

"Black people don't need to worry about skin cancer."

Have you ever heard any of these statements being made by friends, family or even complete strangers around you? I have. I'm here to tell you that these are all lies and propaganda. Black skin can "crack"if not properly cared for, and sun damage is a real concern for us as well. That's why when POND'S South Africa asked me to take part in their delayed sun damage experiment, I immediately jumped at the chance to speak directly to my readers about the dangers of the sun.

"According to the POND'S Institute Scientists, even brief exposure to the sun can cause damage that continues for up to 12 hours after you step indoors. Delayed Sun Damage causes immediate and lasting damage, even at the deepest layers of skin and affects the overall skin quality, creating dark marks, uneven skin tone and roughness."


I received this POND'S Delayed Sun Damage Indicator to wear for an entire day. I know you're wondering what the indicator looks like, but I couldn't take it out of its packaging until I was read to actually get on with my day. After taking a shower and dressing, I put the bracelet on and got started with my day.


The bracelet is naturally yellow in color and changes as you expose it to sunlight. This is what the bracelet looked like at 7am while I began working and caring for my son. We didn't leave the indoors until the early afternoon.


By noon I looked at my bracelet and noticed that it had turned a peach/orange color. The underside of the bracelet showed the difference in color very well. This change in color was merely from going outside to let the nanny in and going to the grocery store.


After exercising outdoors and getting on with the rest of my day, by 4pm my bracelet had turned to a light pink color. I decided to grab the box the bracelet came in and check what this color changing meant.

Color Scale

Say what now?! According to the color scale on the box, I went from low delayed sun damage to dangerously high. Not cool! See below for a closer look at my day with the Delayed Sun Dage Indicator.


Honestly, I'm slightly freaked out and adding SPF to all my body moisturizers as I type. Being the proactive person that I am, I have no intention of taking these results laying down. Stay tuned to find out what I'll be doing and using to help protect my precious skin from now on.


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