Beginners guide to starting a hair blog

By . - Friday, July 29, 2016

Kavuli Nyali, the creator of the Good Hair Diaries, speaks to DESTINY about how to start a hair blog and make it stand out from the rest

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Kavuli Nyali, I’m South Africa’s top healthy hair blogger and natural hair guru. With a head of highly textured hair and a mind enriched with biochemistry and microbiology knowledge that I acquired at Temple University in the US and the University of Cape Town, I took the obvious step of turning a passion for hair into a career.
How and when did Good Hair Diaries come about? 
It came about in 2009 when the subject of “Good Hair” became a huge topic in the New York Times and in Chris Rock’s hair documentary. I found that no one in South Africa was talking about how to keep afro-textured hair healthy and strong, and I knew I was the right person to start doing it. Good Hair Diaries eventually became a viable business when I realised I could teach the big hair brands how to speak to their target market, the black woman. The brand is now called Good Hair & Beauty Diaries, and touches on all subjects including hair, beauty, feminism and life.
What key resources does one need when starting a blog?
You’ll definitely need a few social media platform to go along with your blog so you can shamelessly promote yourself and engage with your readers. You’ll also want to track your Google analytics to monitor your readership.
The blogosphere is heavily saturated at the moment, what tips would you give readers who want to stand out?There is still room for people who want to blog about niche topics that help people. If you want to stand out, talk about what you’re passionate about, and don’t mimic anyone else’s writing style. You have something unique to talk about and people want to hear about it.
What common mistakes should be avoided?
Don’t feel pressured to post every day . It’s far more important to have well-written content that people want to read. Frequency is not the be all and end all.
How can one make money from a blog?
The only way to make money from your blog is to start charging. No one is going to call you and offer you money out of the blue, but it’s also vital to have a lot of traffic from a brand’s target market in order to charge them for services.
Would you say imagery and content is equally important on a blog?
Definitely, and emojis, memes and custom pictures will always push your content further.
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