4 Tips That Will Help Every Black Woman Find Their Signature Hairstyle

By . - Thursday, January 07, 2016

For many Black women, changing our hairstyle is like changing our lives. Changing our hair affects our confidence, for better or worse and makes a big impact on how we feel about ourselves. However, there are some women who go into changing their hair styles blindly, not knowing the right questions to ask their stylist and factors to take into consideration. Celebrity stylist Ro Morgan offered his straight-to-the-point tips that will help every Black woman understand how to find her best hairstyle for the season (or even for life!).

If you had to narrow it down, what are the three important factors every woman should consider before they change their hair?
The first factor is always their budget. Your budget let me know where I can go in terms of color, chemical services, and hair extensions. Secondly, I look at their face shape. It’s so important to be honest about the shape of your face and what looks best on you. Everyone can't wear every hairstyle. Lastly, I always ask about their lifestyle. I want to know if they workout and how often, how much time would they have to spend on their hair in the morning and even prepping it at night.

What are the 3 important questions every woman should ask her stylist?
That’s easy:

  • Will it be flattering with my facial features and skin tone?
  • Will I be able to maintain the style under my budget?
  • Do I need to purchase additional products be to manage the style?

What would you love to see women stop doing when selecting their new hairstyles?
Honestly, there are quite a few. But for one, I really would like women to stop picking a style on a celebrity or model that obviously wouldn’t suit you. I know we get enamored by our favorite celebs and their looks, but there is nothing worse than seeing a style on a celeb that you know in your gut wouldn’t work for you personally. I’ve also seen a lot of women choose hair colors that are not complimentary to their skin tone. That’s another big “no-no”. A lot of women also tend to choose styles that make them look older. If you want to look more mature for your age, great. But choosing a style that adds a decade to your look shouldn’t be your goal or outcome. The final thing I want women to stop doing is selecting styles that require too much of your time.

Should women really take their hairstyles this seriously?
You know, I think so. I think hair makes just as big of a statement, if not bigger, as our fashion sense. Hair is the ultimate accessory. Especially for Black women. It hits close to home when we love or don’t love our hair.  It should compliment your sense of who you are and even your fashion, completing your look. Instead of me saying I like your outfit or I like your hair, I would rather say I like your look! But, I do want women to always be themselves. Find a style that makes you feel beautiful, yet still who you are within. Confidence really is every woman’s best asset.


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