Make way for the "Man Weave" !

By . - Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yes, I said "Man Weave". You know I believe that people should do what they want, as long as they are able to question their decisions and identify their own problematic behaviour. Having said all this, white men have been wearing toupee's for YEARS and no one has made a big thing of this, but as soon as the black man decides he wants to enhance the hair on the top of his head, it's big news and the whole world must stop turning. Enough of my rant...what do you think?

Man Tracks

Over the years, the technology behind weave installations has become more and more sophisticated. In fact, most times its hard to determine if a woman’s hair is her own or a product of the latest kinky hair manufacturer. But, we never really think that men too are adapting to the trend, particularly at a time when hair loss is on the rise. Enter Aaron White(who is more commonly referred to as Hair Majesty) who is an Atlanta-based hair master based who specializes in installing Man Tracks. Yes, hair tracks for men who are losing their hair and/or looking for a different look. His refined hair installation process (similar to crochet) allows men to even receive fuller hair in an instant. We caught up with the Hair Majesty to give us the scoop on the trend, and find out exactly why weaves are all the rage for our men. What exactly are man tracks? And why is it so popular now?
Aaron White: I define man tracks as the next revolution when it comes to male grooming. It’s almost like, skinny jeans. For so long men wore overly big jeans and slacks—it only took one movement of skinny jeans to change the game for men's fashion. Man Tracks finally meets the need of so many diverse men. For decades men have worried about thinning, receding, or balding hairlines. And when it comes to men's hair, no one has yet to master an affordable solution, that is, until now with my man track technique. There are many things in the market that I feel give false hope. I want mantracks to not just be a hairstyle, but a solution. How exactly do you create the looks?
White: I like to create a personalized look for each individual client, and I feel that is the biggest step into making sure the customized illusions are 100% undetectable. Is the process different when using crochet braids?
White: For this method I do not use crochet techniques at all. Most clients who receive this service are indeed thinning or receding if not bald, and because of this I have to think outside of the box and use creative methods of installation instead of your typical practices. What type of hair do you use?
White: Because the man track service caters to so many men all with different needs, hair textures, and budgets the variety of hair changes. There isn't a particular standard type of hair. I observe the need of my client and [go from there.] Do some men have any hesitations when getting man tracks?
White: Surprisingly, most men do not have any hesitation when inquiring about the service; however, they will say: "I just want to make sure it looks real!" How have women responded to man tracks?
White: Most women had a negative opinion about this service. Immediately, when they hear of a man and weave, their minds picture a flamboyant male with hair sweeping the floor in fluorescent colors. Yet, the same women who questioned the look, eventually complimented the style. Once [they understood the process] they had nothing but positive words to say. Truth be told, most women assume that the man just has a great haircut. How much does it cost?
White: Price varies based on need. But, most styling starts at $125.

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  1. Well, I think white men wearing tupees always have been made fun of. And still are, just look at Donald trump! I guess it depends on culture but men are not supposed to be vain. They are supposed to put more important things before their looks. There was atone when men who didn't smell sweat or oil where considered not being real men. Forget after shave. Fortunately things have changed. I like well groomed men but I also think that it is a bit unnecessary to create a need for something that is not there. In my country Sweden, men who have thin hair, shave it off. There is no embarrassing with that. Our previous prime minister shaved off all his hair and nobody cared. That is the way to go in my opinion. Make people happy over what they have and accept that instead of encourage them to hide it or cover it up. We are all beautiful creatures of nature and should be proud of that.
    Now I do understand that if a man lost all his hair due to illness or chemotherapy he might want to wear a wig until his hair come back.but I hope the beauty industry will not make young men feel they need a wig to feel beautiful and accepted.


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